South Africa entrepreneurs can learn lessons from Double Unicorn Founder of Waze and Moovit at an upcoming event hosted by Pranary Business School in Cape Town later this month

Pranary Business School will give Cape Town entrepreneurs and businessmen and women the rare opportunity to learn from a two-time ‘unicorn’ builder, Uri Levine, later this month.

Unicorns refer to companies that reach a valuation of more than $1 billion, these are extremely rare, and however, Levine has built two – Waze and Moovit.

Levine co-founded Waze, the world’s largest driving traffic and navigation app, in 2007. The app, which is used by more than 750 million drivers around the globe, was acquired by Google in June of 2013 for $1.1 billion. He was also the first board member and an investor in Moovit, which is essentially Waze for public transportation.  Moovit is used by more than 750 million individuals worldwide and was acquired by Intel for $1 Billion in 2020.

On Thursday 26 May, Levine will share his knowledge from his home in Israel, through a live stream event organised by Pranary. They are inviting interested parties to join them in discovering the formula he used to drive those companies to compete with industry veterans and giants alike.

The event is one of many from the Cape Town-based business school known for assisting entrepreneurs in starting new businesses and helping existing businesses find investors and raise funds.

Sandras Phiri, the CEO and founder of Pranary believes in enabling entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and with this in mind regularly invites captains of industry, CEOs and entrepreneurial gurus to share their secrets.

Levine shares similar goals as he describes himself as, “motivated to encourage the next generation of thinkers and innovators”.

“My presentations rely heavily on my entrepreneurial and personal experiences with the intention to benefit people from the lessons I’ve learned, and look back on both success and failures I’ve witnessed along my path,” he said.

At this month’s event, Levine offers an inside look at the creation and sale of Waze and his second unicorn, Moovit, revealing the formula that builds unicorns.

He will be offering tips on the following topics:

  • Disrupting broken markets
  • Understanding your users
  • Reaching product-market fit
  • Making scale-up decisions
  • Going global
  • Raising funding
  • Hiring and firing


Date: Thursday 26 May 2022

Time: 17:30 (CAT)

Venue Date: Cape Town (Uri will live stream from Israel)

Streaming option available (watch from your device)

Tickets: Via

Price: R100

For more details about upcoming events, visit:

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