“2018 was one of the darkest years of my life. I began to doubt whether I had a future in the entertainment industry. MOVE was written to motivate myself, and others, not to give up on my dream,” explains Reggie Peace about the message behind his latest single, which has already won over the hearts of various South African music lovers.

MOVE, which combines modern Pop with interesting Funk elements, was produced by Calvin Botha (DJ Darkness) and is the artist’s seventh original single release. His previous releases, Frequency, Do It – Peacemaker, Hoekom?, Kos Op Die Tafel (KODT), All That Matters and Better, were all very well received.

“Dancing to my own beat and at my own pace makes me the happiest guy on earth, because I don’t have to compare myself to others,” he explains. “The song has a positive message and a catchy tune that audiences of all ages will enjoy.”

A music video of this hit will also be available soon. “DJ Darkness, the producer of the song, is blind. He creates the beat, when producing the song, and in the music video we see him sharing it with other people. The music brings everyone together, but everyone dances to their own beat,” the musician explains.

JT Ferreira, who recently produced the band Jan, Jan, Jan’s popular music video, headed up this production which was filmed in Melville, Johannesburg. “Our home – the Echo Youth Ministry House – was asked to make a music video, as a community, that includes everyone. DJ Darkness follows his rhythm by producing the music and then we distribute the music to the rest of the people. It is very focused on community and how we could be living together as South Africans.”

Reggie Peace, A.K.A. Reginald Hufkie, is a popular South African actor, musician, scriptwriter and songwriter. He has been working in the entertainment industry since 2011, but only really shot to fame in 2019 after landing roles in productions such as the Silver Screen Award-winning short film, Cowboy Dan (2018), Generations: The Legacy (Luke), Die Spreeus and Huis Lelieveld (Spanner). It was also the year in which he launched his solo music career.

This versatile entertainer’s song, In Die Vlei, was also selected as the theme music for one of the upcoming seasons of the Afrikaans series, Arendsvlei. “I wrote the song after playing around with one of the beats that a friend gave me in 2018,” he shares. “I actually submitted one of my other songs to Wilmien Rossouw who asked me to write and record more options and that is how the song was born.”

Later this year Reggie Peace and Lizz Meiring’s play, Die Atleet, will feature at the KKNK. The piece is inspired by real-life events. It is not just about athletics, but also about life and survival; survival that ultimately leads to victory. When not in front of the camera, microphone, or on stage, he is also an athletic commentator who regularly keeps viewers on the edge of their seats during sporting events.

Reginald grew up in Schauderville, Port Elizabeth. After losing both his parents to Tuberculosis as a teenager, he and his brothers were placed in an orphanage. He currently resides in the Echo Youth Ministry home in Melville, Johannesburg, where he aims to make a difference in the lives of the people in his community.

At school, this twenty-seven-year-old star excelled in acting. He also loved sports and was a provincial hiker during this time. Although he had always known that he wanted to entertain people with his talents, he went on to study Transport Management at the University of Johannesburg. Here, he rediscovered his love for music and drama and also developed a passion for writing. In 2015 he was named the winner of the UJ Can You Sing? Competition. He also studied Drama at the UJ Drama Company with Alby Michaels and Motladji Ditodi.

Over the years he has been part of several successful stage productions (Marat Sade, Metaphorically Speaking, Fiela’s Child The Musical), adverts and television shows (High Rollers, 7de Laan, Swartwater and more). In 2013, he was part of the gospel group, Gospel Goes Beyond, which had a record deal with Zinto Records. He was also in a Hip-Hop / RNB group called Peacemaker, after which he decided to pursue a solo career in 2018.

“It is a great privilege for me to be able to work with some of the country’s best actors in the local series I am involved in. Having the opportunity to share six of my own singles with listeners last year, is also a dream come true,” he explains about his career highlights so far.

Reggie Peace describes himself as a laidback and humble individual, who is very open to people and their stories and enjoys relaxing at home when he has a chance. According to him, he draws much of his inspiration from personal experience and believes that he can play a character best when is able to relate to his circumstances.

Music has always been part of who he is and the artist is looking forward to sharing more of himself with the country. With MOVE, he not only surpasses this goal, but manages to bring hope to everyone who is battling to find their rightful place in society.

Instagram: @reggiepeace

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