“As die Hemelpoorte voor my oop moet gaan
Is jy die laaste een wat langs my staan
Jy’s die een wat ek vertrou
Jy’s die een waaraan ek klou
Verstaan die dieptes van my oseaan…”

(If the gates of heaven should open before me, you would be the last one standing next to me. You are the one I trust, the one I hold on to and the one who truly understands the depth of the ocean within me.”)

Deon Groot has one of those unique voices that cuts through your soul and the lyrics of his latest single, HEMELPOORTE, is proof of his amazing ability to speak to the hearts of his fans. His voice is simply in a different class and if you watch the music video, produced by GVR Productions, you will not be able to stop the tears rolling from your cheeks!

Watch the video here:

HEMELPOORTE is a powerful love ballad, written by the artist himself, which is very close to his heart and is about the one you end up sharing your life with. Experts predict that this is going to be his biggest up to date!

HEMELPOORTE is a male love ballad for my future wife,” he explains. “When I wrote this, I sat down and thought about how I would like to feel about the great love of my life one day (when I finally find her) and what type of man I want to be for her. This song is very personal and is about what I feel love should be. I believe that it will resonate with audiences of all ages.”

This song differs vastly from his previous single and showcases his deeper side as a songwriter, storyteller and singer to the public. “My previous music is about celebrating good times, so this is something completely different,” he explains. “It describes what we expect from love, but also about what we can achieve when we include God in that love. That is why I also included Biblical references in the lyrics. It is synonymous with what a relationship should be and how a couple should grow together in the eyes of God.”

The music video is set in a cabin in the bush. It tells the story of a man (played by Deon himself) who receives the news that they could not find him a kidney donor and that he only had a few days left to live. Instead of telling his wife (Lujuan Mzyk), he makes the best of the time they still have together. “At the end, events take an unexpected turn…,” the singer shares with a twinkle in his eye.

By listening to and watching the video of HEMELPOORTE, you will immediately understand why Deon Groot was able to conquer so many local music hearts and establish himself as one of South Africa’s most popular singers over the past few years.

His down-to-earth and honest approach to music and life, his heart-warming lyrics and his soothing voice are the winning ingredients that have made him popular with his fans and will ensure his place in the music industry for many years to come.

HEMELPOORTE is a song about a man who is willing to stand up and admit how much he loves his wife. I can’t stress enough how much it means to me to be able to share this message with everyone,” he concludes.

HEMELPOORTE is part of Deon’s album, which is available on all digital platforms:
Instagram: @deongroot

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