Evan Joseph Raffels a.k.a. Raffaconda is a music producer, singer and songwriter born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After achieving two number one radio singles and having multiple charting singles in his hometown as well as press features and multiple playlist placements by Apple music with former band ‘Legends’ the muso is discovering himself as a solo artist after the duo split due to creative differences. His unique blend of Rnb, Pop and alternative music makes him stand out from his peers and is gaining traction online in the underground scene.

Born as a ‘born free’ in Cape Town he developed a passion for music at a young age, after watching a DVD of Michael Jackson’s History tour. It was not until his second year of high school however, that
The teenager would start getting into creating music. He was inspired by friends to continue to fool around with production software. Raff would go on to produce music and play it for his friends who were convinced he could pursue a career in music. After years of honing his craft he joined forces with a friend he met online to form production and song writing duo ‘Legends’ which saw Raffels doing vocals and production alongside some of his friends.

The duo would go on to build a strong social media presence by releasing music online. This music helped them build a faithful following, which eventually swept their music into the city’s mainstream. Legends would go on to chart on their city’s biggest station garnering two Number one singles – ‘Energy’ and ‘Lead You On.’ After dropping their debut body of work the duo split up due to creative differences.

Raffaconda has now embarked on the beautiful journey of being a solo artist with hopes of inspiring and bringing happiness to his listeners with his unique and creative sound.

RUAN: As a producer and songwriter from Cape Town what has your journey been like thus far in 2018?

RAFFACONDA: To be honest it has been filled with incredible highs and devastating lows but one thing I have learned this year is to find peace in the present moment, instead of worrying about when it will “all fall into place” All in all I am grateful for what I have in my life and I am excited for the future!

RUAN: Your brand new song titled “BURNING” is such a deep yet meaningful song, where did your inspiration for this song come from?

RAFFACONDA: At first I wrote it about a girl that I was in love with a couple months back but I started to notice that the song took on a new meaning as time progressed. It started to become more of a metaphor about the elusive nature of following a dream or goal you set out for yourself, specifically touching on the darker side of such a journey. It something I felt is not touched on enough in media today as the narrative that following a passion brings an immediate sense of happiness is more celebrated In society but in reality it is a test of strength in every form, emotionally, physically and mentally.

RUAN: What is “Burning” all about?

RAFFACONDA: I guess you could say that it is a way to describe that feeling of intense passion for someone or something. It sort gives you an image of the way we act (Or at least me sometimes) when we are truly passionate about something. I choose burning because it is self-destructive. Sometimes we pursue someone or something out of love even though it hurts us. To me using burning was the perfect to describe this interaction. I guess it’s also a play on the metaphor “If you play with fire you get burnt” haha

RUAN: Looking back over the past year, who would you say has been your inspiration in your music career or continues to inspire you to write?

RAFFACONDA: I would categorize that into two sections. Section one being other artists. Definitely The Weekend’s older material has been a major influence on me. In fact I would say that it’s probably the reason I got into singing. Other than that Michael Jackson and Prince have been major influences in my love for music in general. I hope to one day inspire people they way that they have done for me. In section two my inspiration is gathered from life itself, whether it be girl problems or life problems I tend to gather most of my inspiration when I am struggling, hence the “Meaningful” music. I wish could write some regular pop but I’m really not feeling that lately hahaha.

RUAN: For people who would like to download your track on which musical platforms can they do so?

RAFFACONDA: Everywhere. Mainly Apple Music and Spotify, but it will be on all major platforms.

RUAN: What else can we look forward to you in 2019 since it’s literally just around the corner?

RAFFACONDA: Well, I am still deciding whether or not burning will close the year off me but I am constantly working on music so I guess we will have to wait and see!

RUAN: As an outstanding artist what would your hashtag (#) be right now as you see yourself today?

RAFFACONDA: #Broke hahaha no, #Experimenting

RUAN: A lot of hard work goes into writing and producing songs. But what advice would you give to aspiring young artists such as yourself that would like to follow in your footsteps?

RAFFACONDA: Collaborate with people who are better than you at something. Whether that is writing, producing or recording. Unless you are studying the craft, I would say that this is the best way to improve yourself. Focusing on one thing at a time also helps. I have been producing for 5 years now and I have only really started writing and singing about a year ago.

RUAN: On which social media platforms can we continue to support your journey on?

RAFFACONDA: Right Now Instagram and YouTube. I am more active on Instagram though.

RUAN: Lastly if you could perform with any artist onstage who would it be and why?

RAFFACONDA: Ariana Grande, I feel like we would make an insane love ballad hahaha would be something really special.

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