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Mamohau Seseane (24) is of the youngest radio presenters at Kfm 94.5 – the Western Cape’s number one commercial radio station. 

She grew up in Benoni, on the East rand of Johannesburg. She believes always that there must be something in the water of our little town for it has produced many well-known South African figures in various industries – Charlize Theron, Princess Charlene of Monaco, DJ Euphonik, Nomuzi Mabena, Lira, burial place of Oliver Tambo,etc. 

She hosts the Saturday night Bloc Party Show from 6-9pm, as well as Kfm Sunday Love Songs, from 7-10pm. In this space she has used her voice to participate in a number of round-table discussions on talk radio station, Cape Talk, regarding social issues. 

With a voice described as “golden”, she is also an accomplished voice over artist, having lent her voice to many corporate campaigns, advertisements and social initiatives, including the Third Interministerial Conference for Health and Environment in Africa. 

In 2016, Mamohau was elected Irene Women’s residence’s leader for Critical Engagement, First Years, Welcoming, and the pioneer of the Irene Women Empowerment portfolio – a first within her student community. Her master or ceremonies portfolio includes an initiative to improve women’s access to sanitary products, the first TEDxStellenbosch Women’s event, the Empower Me Women’s Day Celebration, the Soulo Single mothers empowerment launch, the Sanlam Top Destination Awards, and LeadSA Regional Heroes Awards, to name a few. 

She recently masterfully hosted and facilitated the Chambord Freedom Day Women’s Lunch and Celebrity Power Panel, in discussion with influential celebrity women who are trailblazers in their fields. 

As a law student, she aspires to truly be a change-maker by broadening her platforms and using her voice to empower and have an impact. Mamohau’s multi-talented nature, go-getting spirit and warmth make her a true asset in any social sphere. 

RUAN: At the age of 24 you are on of Cape Town’s most promising
trailblazer media personalities. When did you know you wanted to
start a career in media?

MAMOHAU: It’s funny – growing up, I was actually quite shy. I always chuckle at one of my pre-primary school reports where my beloved teacher wrote that I am very quiet and she would love for me to talk more. From an early age, as soon as I was on stage, I somehow just came alive. I did drama, debating, public speaking & musical theatre.

Little did I know, I was actually gaining skills and preparing myself for my media journey. In my first year of university, I joined campus/community station MFM 92.6 after hearing their presenter search call, applied and trained there, and that’s when I thought, “Hey, this might actually be something you could excel in. Let’s pursue this.” The rest is history! 

RUAN: You work as a Radio DJ, voice over artist and you are a successful
model. Are you happy with all your achievements so far and why?

MAMOHAU: Sjoe, I have actually just recently been reflecting on how important it is to be proud of your journey and even the small steps you take. I am a very driven person, so it can sometimes be difficult to pat myself on the back as I am often focusing on my vision and what is next. There is still much more that I want to do, as I truly want to have a positive impact. But I certainly am proud to have laid the foundation for that, grateful to each person that has believed in me, and I’m looking forward to doing greater things.

RUAN: As a full time law student you use your voice to empower others,
especially women in our world. How important has it been for you
empowering women?

MAMOHAU: Empowering fellow women are something that truly sets my soul on fire. I believe the single greatest catalyst for social change is the emancipation of women. Most of the events I have hosted have had a women empowerment element to them – the Empower Me Women’s Day, the first TEDxStellenbosch Women’s Event, and the Solo Single Mothers Empowerment launch are examples. I am often so humbled by the messages I receive thereafter of the impact these experiences had on the women attending. When girls and women are protected and empowered, all of society benefits. It should be a top priority.

RUAN: How do you juggle being a full time law student, radio DJ, and

MAMOHAU: Honestly, sometimes I find my own head is spinning from it all! I won’t lie and say its always smooth sailing, but I quickly realised that I needed to manage my time correctly, not be afraid to ask for help, and dedicate time to focusing on a single thing at a time. It’s so easy to slip into a state of trying to do all 562 million things at once, but you quickly realise that your ability to give of your best in each area then suffers.

I also highly prioritise self-care and making time for myself to recharge – you cannot pour from an empty cup.

RUAN: You are one of the most loved MC’s and speakers, what are some
of your favourite moments at some of the events you have been

MAMOHAU: Ah I have so many. It’s the look on the audience’s faces when you share a story close to your heart; tell a joke that they absolutely loved, or my signature 30 second dance break where the audience is on their feet and dancing with me! I am still buzzing from the Chambord Freedom Day Women’s Lunch and celebrity panel discussion with powerful women who are trailblazers in their fields. They are truly pioneers and it was such an honour for me to be able to facilitate the sharing of such valuable lessons for us all.

RUAN: As a model you have shot campaigns for leading brands. Which
are some of your favourite campaigns you have worked on?

MAMOHAU: I absolutely loved shooting my first fashion campaign, which was the debut of the new Levi’s curvy range of jeans. I learned a lot from it in terms of ensuring that I was creating the visual vision, while remaining myself and being natural. Another is one that is still garnering a lot of laughs – the latest TV commercial I shot for Lewis Furniture Stores.

It involved me running, running, running even more, jumping, racing down stairs, sliding down banisters and riding a kiddie’s push- scooter to try and arrive home before my new couch was delivered. Comedic gold!

RUAN: What brought you to the beautiful city of Cape Town?

MAMOHAU: A combination of hard work & what must be divine intervention! While applying and exploring my study options, in my matric year,I was offered a bursary by Stellenbosch University. There I was, a bright-eyed and bushy tailed 18 year old with big dreams, deciding to be brave and spread my wings. So I packed my bags, and came to the Western Cape. I moved from Stellenbosch to Cape Town just over a year ago to be closer to my places of work and what an amazing ride it has been.

RUAN: You will also be the MC at the Bubbles & Bliss event this coming
August in aid of the Stellenbosch Child Welfare Society. Is this a
charity close to your heart?

MAMOHAU: All proceeds for the event will go to the Stellenbosch Child Welfare Society’s “We Care” project to help single mothers and children in need. As I was raised by a single mother, I am keenly aware of the insurmountable challenges single mothers face; challenges for which nobody prepares them. There needs to be greater support for these pillars and the protection and care of children is very close to my heart.

I think its important just to facilitate the knowledge that you are not your most difficult moment, and the importance of us, as a community, coming together to help each other when we are struggling. 

RUAN: What advice would you give our youth who strives to be
successful in their careers and following their dreams?

MAMOHAU: The advice I would give is to truly discover yourself, what you want to do, and the impact you want to have in this world. Someone once told me, invest your life in what will outlast your life. I truly believe that. As a young person there can be so much uncertainty with regards to your life path, so many voices in your ear, many opinions as to what you should do, and when and how you should do it.

My advice would be to run your own race at your own pace, listen to the voices that matter, know that you are capable and to work hard. There is no secret formula – hard work always wins. 


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