South Africa’s newest hitmaker is the exciting Amy Lilley. Her debut single and EP have just been signed for worldwide distribution by London and SA based artist services company, Platoon.
Amy Lilley is one of only a handful of South Africans to be picked-up by the exclusive outlet. What makes the signing even more surreal is that Amy has never professionally released any material until now.

Her debut single is Formidable,  the 1st song off her EP, SHE

Watch the Lyric Video for Formidable – https://youtu.be/nCg8oWZXJ9U 

Born and bred in Cape Town, Amy Lilley is also a chef, activist and owns a live music venue.  
What does it feel like to be releasing her debut EP? 
“It’s a bit surreal, I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time cause you have no idea how people are going to react. But mostly I just feel really lucky”.  
Amy is also a self-professed activist and not afraid to make her voice known for all the right reasons: “I love the queer community and I love the South African music scene. We have so much to offer and I intend to work in the fore- and background, and to be involved with as many things as I can to make sure it stays alive.” 
She explains how she came to own a live music venue: 
“After a stint in New Zealand, I came back and noticed that there were no spaces for live music or any sort of expression in Cape Town. I couldn’t believe it and said f**k this. I expanded The Raptor Room into a live music space while knowing NOTHING about live music.  I made our ethos that anyone that had something to say and express had the means to. I wanted to make a little unicorn in the Mother City where everyone, no matter where you come from or who you love, could have a home. ” 
What is the rest of the album like? 
“I don’t think I’ve really settled on a sound yet. So the rest of the album I’m just trying to explore a little more and have some fun with it. Definitely want to throwback to Sophie Ellie Baxter and Kylie but also have a lot of influence from Angel Olsen and DRAMA so it’s a melting pot. ” 
What does the future hold for her? 
“Well I hope to be making more music and just trying to get better and better at it. I want to get into live shows and really create an intimate show with a lot of thought put into it. Live shows and working with other artists would be the dream. ” 
Formidable was released on Friday, 5 June

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