Tracy Bamber & Janet Pillay

A journey of nostalgia and discovery awaited visitors to the 1860 Heritage Exhibition at Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom between 19 and 21 November. Featuring historical photographs, documents, works of art and performances by some of the best local Indian artists, the 1860 Heritage Exhibition was a celebration of 159 years of Indian history in South Africa.

Vassi Naidoo, Sam Ramsamy, Athma Maharaj accepting the award on behalf of his son Keshav Maharaj and Robbie Naidoo

The project – a collaboration between Sibaya, the Sibaya Community Trust, Lotus FM and the 1860 Heritage Centre, with contributions from Springtown and Magazine Barracks Associations – the exhibition offered a platform to explore the colourful story of the Indian community since the first members arrived on South African shores 159 years ago.

Selvan Naidoo, Ashwin Desai, Vinesh and Rose Sivbadhan, Janet Pillay, Justin Govindasamy & Nicholas Baijnath
Myan Moodley, Sibaya General Manager and Sam Ramsamy, Guest speaker at the 1860 Gala Dinner at Sibaya

Visitors were enthralled by the showcase of Indian culture, history and tradition. A spectacular 1860 Gala Dinner was staged during the expo, with a host of guest speakers including Dr. Sam Ramsamy, Prof Ashwin Desai, Author Kiru Naidoo, Chairman of Nedbank Vassi Naidoo and 1860 Heritage Centre Curator, Selvan Naidoo.

Robbie Naidoo with Ela Gandhi

“The diversity and authenticity of the exhibits as well as captivating musical performances made for an immersive, thought provoking and entertaining experience.

Sam Ramsamy, Vassi Naidoo, Vani Moodley accepting the award on behalf of Senuran Muthusamy and Robbie Naidoo

Sibaya is proud to have been part of bringing the 1860 Heritage Exhibition to fruition,” says Mayan Moodley, Sibaya General Manager.

Vassi Naidoo, Sam Ramsamy, Athma Maharaj accepting the award on behalf of his son Keshav Maharaj and Robbie Naidoo
Nishani Maharaj, Ashwanth Ramlukhen, Vanessa Ankiah and Jay Ramnundlal
Candice Chetty & Vinolyn Naidoo

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Yogas Nair, Saras Moodley, Myan Moodley & Vassi Naidoo

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