Umhlanga Arch presents KZN’s first European-inspired high street

Umhlanga Arch set out to change the landscape and lifestyle of KwaZulu-Natal; and that is exactly what it is doing through its exceptional partnerships, architectural design, and use of state-of-the-art technology. Today the Umhlanga Arch development team, along with the Rembrothers Group, announced the official plans for KZN’s first European-inspired high street.

“This is a first for KZN, and although it stemmed from an international concept, the Umhlanga Arch high street will fully support locally-based businesses. Every element of the high street will not only be unique to the area but will also be on-trend and of a superior quality. We have been consulting with original home-grown brands and to start we have already confirmed Mark Gold, a leading bespoke South African jewellery brand, as one of the first operators,” shares Renzo Scribante, Founder of the Rembrothers Group.

The partnership between Umhlanga Arch and Rembrothers was announced towards the end of 2017. This collaboration intends to create a retail experience that brings the best of global trends and fuses them into one bespoke development offering. The vision behind KwaZulu-Natal’s first-ever European high street is to create convenience, explore creativity and celebrate uniqueness.

“We want residents, businesses and locals to feel transported to another place. This is definitely nothing like the typical malls and office blocks we have come to know and are used to. Our shop fronts will portray the personality of each operator, while the area will be an eclectic space for all to enjoy,” continues Scribante.

Prominently positioned on the slopes of Umhlanga’s Ridgeside, this R1.3 billion development is one of the largest mixed-use developments in the province and will undoubtedly bolster tourism, stimulate investment into the region, further elevate Umhlanga and greater Durban to a world-class standing, and facilitate significant job creation.

In February 2017 the Multiply Group introduced Umhlanga Arch to the market. Since then, Umhlanga Arch has reached many significant milestones including the sell-out success of all the residential apartments and lofts, the announcement of the first Hilton Garden Inn for South Africa, the new home of SMG Umhlanga and the fact that it was the best marketed development in Africa in 2017. The construction progress is another facet that continues to soar.

Umhlanga Arch is currently under construction and is already commanding the attention of locals. The development is almost 40% complete and has created over 600 jobs in the last few months, with the expectation to create around 400 more jobs in the near future.

“At the outset we made a decision to support and holistically integrate Tongaat Hulett’s Socio-Economic, Sustainability and Innovation Programme (SSIP) into all pre-and post-construction. Despite the difficult economy and the obvious challenges confronting South Africans, we believe in the long-term future of our region, and thus have continued to invest in it. Umhlanga is an incredible location, especially for development. Not only does it provide stunning views, access to many excellent restaurants, and an ideal setting for outdoor activities, but it is also in close proximity to our international airport, 5-star game lodges and the exquisite Midlands meander. Umhlanga Arch is designed along the lines of making the ‘live, work and play vision’ a seamless reality,” explains Terry Rosenberg, Chairman of The Multiply Group.

To date, there has been 27,325m³ concrete poured and Umhlanga Arch has completed the foundations, columns, surface beds and levels 7, 6, 5 and 4 slabs for the podium. The preliminary architectural designs for both SMG Umhlanga and the Hilton component have been reviewed and approved. Additionally, the electrical switch room for eThekwini has been inspected and approved.

“Over the last few months we have seen our new home taking shape, and the team at SMG Umhlanga is waiting on tenterhooks to take transfer and set up the new dealership showroom at Umhlanga Arch. In light of Umhlanga Arch’s vision, we hope to revolutionise the motor retail industry and create an experience our customers will never forget,” says Sean McCarthy, Managing Director of SMG.

Umhlanga Arch is one of the key, game-changing developments within KZN and is set to bolster this province as the destination to live, do business and visit. It is not only physically altering the landscape of Durban from the skyline but also in terms of what locals, holidaymakers, and travelling businessmen can expect to see in the coming months. “The construction team is firmly on track and making great strides in their progress. We expect to see the first transfers of Umhlanga Arch take place towards the end of 2019,” shares Rosenberg.

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