Twenty-year-old pop singer keeps churning the hits

Cape Town’s Timothy De Monk is giving local charts a run for their money.

Timothy De Monk may be relatively new to the South African music scene but he is here to stay with multiple chart-topping singles and a passion to rival that of local music veterans. The twenty-year-old pop singer, songwriter discovered his passion in 2014 when he learnt to play the guitar and simply couldn’t put the instrument down.

In April 2017, De Monk wowed the nation with the release of his debut single Everyday which stayed on the 5FM Top10 Pop Chart for an impressive 18 weeks. Thereafter he released consecutive hits Start A Fire, On Our Own as well as I Never Want to See Her, which remained on the Jacaranda FM SA Top 20 chart for 14 weeks and once again on the 5FM Top10 Pop Chart for another 18 weeks.

His first offering as an independent artist titled No Stress Moment promises to be just as successful as his previous hits. About succeeding in life no matter the amount of stress that comes one’s way, No Stress Moment is currently available for download on iTunes and is on national radio rotation.

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Back in 2015, and once he had grasped the basics of playing the guitar, De Monk cut his teeth in the music scene by performing at various restaurants in the greater Cape Town area. After snagging a guest star performance at a restaurant in St. James, Cape Town, De Monk was spotted by music producer Jahn Beukes, and the rest – as they say – is history. Soon after he was booked into a recording studio where he recorded his debut EP titled Hazy Days.

Once music was running through his veins, De Monk wasted no time in starting his professional music career. In 2016, and whilst still in high school, he dedicated himself to vocal training, song writing and recording demos, and was very quickly signed to a record label. However, in 2017 De Monk chose to rather become an independent artist. “Becoming independent has been a lot better for me in terms of my growth as an artist,” explains De Monk. “It was a little stressful in the beginning but with a reliable team and strong support behind me I can express myself more freely than ever before.”

When asked about what drives his passion for music, De Monk says: “It’s about putting all of my emotions into my songs. It’s about what I love most, the people in my life, life experiences and the things I enjoy most in life.”

What does the future hold for this young star on the rise? “I truly believe that No Stress Moment is going to be my biggest hit yet,” states De Monk. “My dream for the remainder of 2018 is for people to know the name Timothy De Monk and immediately associate it to my music when they hear it on the radio.”

At the rate that this superstar is going, the world is his oyster, so watch this space!

RUAN: What does it take to create a number one debut single?

TIMOTHY: To write a number one debut single, the song must be catchy, creative and relatable for everyone to like and enjoy it.

RUAN: At what age did your love for music start and who has been your inspiration?

TIMOTHY: I was 16 years old when I really discovered the love for music. The people who inspired me are Quinton (my cousin) and Flavio (my best friend).

RUAN: Becoming independent after being signed to David Gresham Records must have been life changing, what has the journey been like?

TIMOTHY: Being independent is less glamorous but more rewarding. Yes, you don’t have the perks of a big corporate company funding you, but it means I am in control of all my music, how I want it to sound, etc. Everything you do and have done is because of you. The journey as an independent artist so far has been amazing and very fulfilling.

RUAN; Can you share with us the meaning behind your latest single, No Stress Moment?

TIMOTHY: I wrote “No Stress Moment” when I was stressed to be honest. I was feeling pressure from a relationship I was in and the pressure to do well in my career as an independent artist

RUAN: Would you say your journey has been easy from day one?

TIMOTHY: I wouldn’t say easy, but things certainly fell into place very quickly once I knew music was my calling and my parents supporting my career.

RUAN: Your talent at such a young age is truly phenomenal! What would you say has been your driving force?

TIMOTHY: Having to express myself where my words or actions have failed. A song truly represents how I feel about something, so I need to express myself. Also my passion for music.

RUAN: It seems you are continuing to grow bigger and better. What can we expect from you for the remaining of 2018?

TIMOTHY: I have so many unreleased songs. A new single to be released towards the end of October early November. There are plenty of gigs (I’m booked until 2019), very exciting of course.

RUAN: Are there any International if not South African Artists you would like to work with?

Timothy: I would like to work with Quinn XCII, Blackbear and Ed Sheeran and my SA favourites Majozi and Matthew Mole.

RUAN: What has been some of your highlights over the past year?

TIMOTHY: My music being play listed on radio and people just loving it. Opening for Goodluck in April this year. I am blessed with an abundance of gigs in and around Cape Town. I’ve completed the music video for “No Stress Moment”. I appeared in plenty of magazines and newspapers.

RUAN: Are you planning on touring the country any time soon where your fans can see you live in action?

TIMOTHY: At the moment I am growing and building my name and brand in the music industry. I am thinking that planning a tour for 2019 would be fantastic.

RUAN: If you could give yourself a hashtag (#) right now as you see yourself today. What would it be and why?

TIMOTHY: #getmonked

RUAN: Do you have inspirational words you have for the youth of our country that would like to follow in your footsteps?

TIMOTHY: If you have a passion and talent, don’t let anyone discourage you. Follow your dreams despite what people might say or think. I believe that dedication, hard work and being consistent are all part of becoming successful.

Timothy De Monk’s latest single titled No Stress Moment is available for download on iTunes:

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