The Play Your Part Awards 2021 open entries for Innovator of the Year award

Innovation has been dubbed the “engine of growth and development” globally and for many countries that are working to remain competitive, improving innovation and technology is viewed as a way to positively assess their progress and impact.

To achieve sustainable economic growth, however, technological innovation needs to progress at a reasonable and recognisable pace.

The Play Your Part Innovator of the Year Award 2021 aims to recognise individuals and organisations that have used innovative means to positively impact the economy of South Africa. These innovations must reflect significant achievements and provide quality examples of sustainable application.

The award will be presented to exceptional thinkers who have helped the country improve its service to its citizens through innovative programmes, partnerships, policies, and strategies.

Creativity and innovation are very important in trying to change perspectives and trying to change the social circumstances of people. We know that people who are innovative find solutions because they are creative, and creative thinking leads to lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is multi- layered, complex, and enjoyable. This kind of thinking increases the chance for creatives to find solutions for challenges in the community.” says writer, producer and Play Your Part Awards judge, Firdoze Bulbulia.

If you know of an innovation or innovator that has changed the lives of the people in your organisation or community, you can nominate them or enter the Brand South Africa Play Your Part Awards Innovator of the Year category today.

For more information on how to get involved you can visit the Brand South Africa website now:


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