Self Acceptance – How Our Physical Appearance Impacts Our Happiness

From some of our earliest childhood memories to the latest stages of our adult life, how others perceive us is largely based on our physical appearance. This is significant because it is often others’ perceptions of us that form the basis of our negative self-perception and unhappiness with our appearance. However, we are fortunate to live in an era where small corrections to our appearance through non-invasive cosmetic procedures are more accessible than ever. Allowing us to change what we are physically unhappy with through less invasive and cost-effective ways to ultimately make us more fulfilled, confident and happy.

Digital aesthetics enthusiast, Dr Sheryl Smithies believes that the best improvements come from an in-depth understanding of the face as a whole, and is here to share her top three small changes you can make to get a big confidence boost.


Fillers are targeted injections of hyaluronic acid into areas of the face that have begun to lose definition due to the natural muscle deterioration and migration of fat that is part of the natural ageing process. Fillers are incredibly effective at adding volume, filling in wrinkles, erasing lines and moisturising the skin. They are mainly used to slow down ageing so that women in their 30-40’s can age gracefully at a pace that matches how young they feel at heart.

Another bonus is that unlike traditional surgery the results are instant and last up to a year. Making them perfect for anyone wanting to trial cosmetic procedures for the first time.

Teeth Whitening 

Poet Bryant H. McGill got it to spot on when he said, ‘The greatest self is a peaceful smile’  and having spotless pearly whites can bring lightness into your life and the lives of those around you. There are two ways teeth whitening is generally done. One is with professional products and an activating light by a dental professional. The great bonus of this is that the results are instant and can be professionally boosted every 6 months.

Home whitening is the other option and includes having individual whitening trays made that you use at home. Although less expensive upfront, results take about 2 weeks to set in. However, the results themselves are similar to the in-office whitening procedures. Whitening can be done for anyone over the age of 18 years old and works best for those wanting a light lift in the colour of their teeth.

Digital smile design

Digital Smile Design allows you to test-drive your new smile before you have the treatment.   It is a process that involves using 3D scans, X-rays and images of your face to work together with your cosmetic dentist to plan a smile rehabilitation that is specially designed to fit with the natural aesthetics of your face.

Detailed planning means more minimally invasive treatment options are available allowing you to maximize your new smile without damaging your teeth. Depending on the type of smile design treatment you’ve had done, your smile will last 3-15 years. DSD is done for anyone wanting a better smile but is especially effective for people who have worn their teeth down. DSD can be done for any changes, small or large and generally takes a matter of weeks for the planning and execution of your new smile.

When it comes to making a great first impression there is no doubt that your smile has a huge impact on how secure you feel in an unfamiliar situation. Smiling has even been proven to increase the key neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin associated with lowering anxiety and increasing feelings of happiness.

Having a healthy relationship with your physical facial appearance communicates your emotions and radiates happiness through your appearance, demeanour, body language, and mannerisms. With these small corrections your confidence will skyrocket, and all without the invasive and costly process of surgery.

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