The prestigious Bokeh South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival is offering the chance for aspirant creative talents to win a whopping R50 000 through their Emerging Creative Talent competition.
Year on year this unique festival has grown in stature, recognition and initiatives, with an increasing emphasis on enabling young local creatives through fringe events such as workshops, mentoring programmes and of course recognition and prises through the prestigious awards events and the Emerging Creative Talent competition.

The sixth edition of the festival, in partnership with the Gauteng Film Commission, invites all South African creative students to create a team and submit their short film pitch/treatment to Bokeh FFF by the 7 April 2019, and stand the chance to be one of the 10 lucky teams to be selected to create an award winning fashion film.

Those 10 films will then be screened on a worldwide stage at the upcoming 2019 Bokeh South African International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival, with the winning film being awarded the main prize on the night. 
The directors will also be given the opportunity to present their films at the festival’s directors’ workshop and viewings in Cape Town.
Says, Bokeh Founder Adrian Lazarus: “We are excited to offer this life changing opportunity to the unbelievable talent that we have in this country and we’re keen to see how they interpret this year’s theme, which is – The City Super Hero.”

Film students and new creative graduates who would like to enter will need to select a creative collaborative dream team in the following disciplines; fashion, film/video, copy writing, make up, hair-styling, editing and special effects, production, acting and modelling.
The top 10 teams will be announced on the 10 April and be assisted by Bokeh FFF to create a fashion film masterpiece.

So young creatives and recent graduates what you waiting for? It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and create an award winning short film pitch for the theme The City Super Hero! Lights, camera, action… and awards a wait!
Pitches/treatments inspired by the theme; The City Super Hero need to be submitted in PDF format to Info@bokehfestival.co.za with the subject line: Emerging Creative Award/Treatment- 2019 before Sunday the 7 April 2019.

I also caught up with Adrian Lazarus the founder of BOKEH to give us some more insight to the festival.

RUAN: As the founder of the BOKEH Lifestyle & Fashion Film Festival what made you want to start such a prestigious festival?

ADRIAN: The festival was started as my way of creating a platform that would showcase international talent in Fashion Film making in South Africa, while offering local creatives from all segments, the opportunity to present their works on an international stage.

RUAN: What makes this festival different to others?

ADRIAN: By creating an event that is World Class, we have cemented Bokeh as one of the best Fashion Film Festivals globally, offering experiences, entertainment and opportunities for creatives to shine.

RUAN: What can we expect from the festival in 2019?

ADRIAN: This year’s festival still has the 101 Events preceding the main festival in July, however this year we have expanded the main festival to a whole week of Master classes, Presentations and Entertainment. This week is totally Free to all who wish to attend. The Gala Event this year will once again be split between Cape Town and Johannesburg and is an invite only Red Carpet occasion and Awards Show.

RUAN: The Bokeh Festival gives our youth a platform to showcase their hard work. Do you believe our youth has what it takes to be on an international level from all the work that you have seen in the past 6 years?

ADRIAN: I really believe that the youth here have what it takes creatively to compete on a global level. If anything, there is a lack of resources and real world opportunities for the youth to get stuck into. By this I mean that the enthusiasm and talent is there, however the resources, the mentoring opportunities, the inclusion in real projects is a bit lacking. We aim to ensure that Bokeh helps the youth network and find likeminded creatives, to work with in the future, as well as offering them Master Classes and relevant information and experiences that inspire them to create further works of art.

RUAN: Where did the inspiration and idea come from for this years theme ‘The City Super Hero”?

ADRIAN: That theme is specifically for the Emerging Creative Talent Category that has a first prize of R50 000 this year! It’s a category aimed at only South African Film Makers. We always give the teams a theme and some parameters to shoot within. This year we expect these heroes to include both classic comic super heroes as well as everyday superheroes in our own lives!

RUAN: What advice or inspirational words would you like to share with our young talent in South Africa?

ADRIAN: The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival last year drew over 800 films from 65 countries. The global talent pool is enormous and yet we still have local winners and films that stand up to this amazing talent. If you have a creative idea, something that inspires you that needs to be realized, come to the Bokeh Festival and find your Dream Team. You’re not alone out there. You will find people who also want to create these films and have a special talent that you can celebrate with them.

Looking forward to seeing you at Bokeh 2019!

Click here for the FULL BRIEF DETAILShttps://www.bokehfestival.co.za/win-r50-000-emerging-creative-talent-2019-brief/

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