Producer Cosher releases his latest single featuring Jimmy Nevis

‘Think I Might’ set to be a summer sensation single’

Cosher, one of South Africa’s most prominent music producers, has once again hit it out of the ball park with a summer single that is set to heat up the music charts this festive season. Featuring singer, songwriter Jimmy Nevis, one of South Africa’s biggest names in the music industry, 
Think I Might speaks of that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and immediately feeling a strong connection with them but can also be about someone experiencing romantic feelings for a long-time friend.

“Writing the song really came effortlessly to me,” says Nevis. “I’ve been wanting to create an official song with Cosher for the longest time, but it never felt right; until now.”

Cosher – aka Colin Sher, is not only a well-known producer and sound engineer who has worked with the likes of Chad Saaiman, Hopsin (USA), Janice, Mathew Gold and Youngsta CPT, but is also a revered DJ going by the name DJ Cosher, and is also one third of pop electronic trio ALT EGO. Produced at Cosher Recording Studios based in Cape Town, Think I Might is perfectly aligned with the sound of Cosher’s next album due to be released in early 2019, however, the song itself is most-definitely that of a classic Jimmy Nevis hit.

Look out for Cosher’s next album, dropping early 2019, which will feature a variety of top local and international performers he has had the opportunity and honour to work with over the years.

You can watch his latest song here:

RUAN: You are one of South Africa’s favourite DJ/Producers tell us a bit more about your new upcoming album ‘CERTIFIED’.

COSHER: The album is an exploration of my new sound, or combination of styles that I want to be known as. I am very fortunate to have met so many amazing singers and songwriters, and I decided that instead of reaching out to artists that I didn’t know personally, to rather feature and collaborate with singers and songwriters that I knew personally and had met or interacted with on my journey so far. I thought it would be a good idea to package all my new music into one project so that a wider audience can enjoy it.

RUAN: What made you want to collaborate with the phenomenal artist himself Jimmy Nevis and how it came to fruition?

COSHER: For the past few years, I have been working with Jimmy on his music, and we always seemed to work well together. I didn’t often get the chance to produce for him as he does a lot of his own productions. I feel like we have a great understanding and respect for each other, and when the time came to approach him to feature on a track on my album he was very positive about it.

At first, I played him some existing track ideas, which he liked but then we both decided that for the fun of it we should just start something from scratch. I remember him saying something like “these are all very cool, but why don’t we try start something fresh and if we aren’t feeling it after an hour, we can tackle one of the existing track ideas”. Needless to say, we both were feeling it and we ended up staying at the studio until the early hours of the morning to finish the song!

RUAN: What has the excitement been like working on your new album?

COSHER: It has been very exciting for various reasons. Being able to work with such awesome singers and songwriters and to see how each one brings something different to a song is just amazing. Experiencing how each singer and songwriter works, and going through their respective processes, has also been great.

It has been very exciting to explore my own sound and to figure out what kind of music I want to “represent me”, this has been a fun and exciting creative process. The most exciting thing of all, has to be the feeling of testing the crowd reactions of the unreleased songs on the dance floor while I am DJing, it’s a great feeling watching someone sneakily try to shazam my song without knowing I actually made it, or to watch a drunk person pretending to know the words and “sing along”.

RUAN: You have worked with numerous popular artists all over South Africa, what has it been like?

COSHER: It has been great learning from different artists and widening my personal and professional network. I really enjoy working with artists regardless of their skill or status, but I have found what sets the more “popular” artists apart are 2 things.

Firstly, their voices are so great that I can really push them to get the absolute best out them. The other main thing is that the songs they have written are always so strong, and as a producer it is so much easier to get a good final product when the starting foundation (the song) is already so good.

RUAN: Who else can we look forward to seeing you working with in the near future?

COSHER: I have a few songs coming out on the album with other big artists, including AliThatDude, Alexandra May, Georgia Rose and Mathew Gold to name a few. The next release I am very excited about is a remix I did for Louise Day called “You Don’t” and a song I did with USA chart topping vocalist Alicia Madison called “Human Again”.

I won’t be releasing a lot of material besides the songs on the album, but I constantly work with artists at the studio and those songs get released under their respective names, as I am merely a producer in that scenario.

RUAN: What was the production process of ‘THINK I MIGHT’ like?

COSHER: The process was productive, smooth and pretty much inspirational. I decided to combine Jimmy’s two “styles”, and my own. The verses would show off his R&B and pop style and the chorus/ drop would represent mine, with the pre-chorus being the link between the two.

After choosing a tempo and key, myself and studio musician and composer, Ross Rowley, chose a guitar riff and a chord progression that would suit what we were trying to achieve. The progression needed to promote the modulation into the pre-chorus and this was a fun and creative process. It needed to suit the general sound of the album, so there was marimba presence with some piano as well as an 80s style synth I often used in the album as well.

After laying down some vocals and once the studio had become deserted and it was just Jimmy and I, we played around with some production variations in the drop. Originally the drop was full and energetic and had lots of elements (as it currently does in the second drop) but Jimmy wanted to explore how a more minimalistic approach would work, and it did! We stripped down the first drop, leaving only the kick, bass and room for a vocal effect. Jimmy went into the booth and free styled some vocal sample style lines and I then messed around with them until the current combination of vocal chops was discovered.

RUAN: Can you give us some insight as to what the song is about?

COSHER: The song is about being caught up in a moment and realizing that you have romantic feelings for someone. This can be feelings for someone you have just met or a long-term friend or acquaintance. I’m sure many people have experienced that feeling of “Hey, I think I might love you?”, I know this feeling because it happened to me!

RUAN: Where did the inspiration come from for your new album?

COSHER: Around a year ago I started to feel a slight disconnection between my single releases, and the music I was playing in my DJ sets at gigs. I often tried to include my original music in my DJ sets and realized that they often didn’t match the sound that I was playing in my set. So, I decided that I needed to make an album that focuses on my “sound” and making sure it aligns itself with the music I play when I DJ on stage and in clubs.

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