NOME has just released his latest single, Shakara, on all digital platforms and has been gaining some airplay on local and continental radio stations, while also gaining some traction online.

Nome has collaborated with a couple big names in the industry on upcoming tracks, that are expected to release in the next 2-6 months,  and you can expect hear the likes of artists such as Maphorisa, Davido, Kiddominant, Zlatan Ibile, Dremo on his projects.

He has deep ties to Afro Pop Music and at age 8, Nome started singing and performing  with a Local church choir (CAC)…His old-time conga drumming skills, Melodious vocals, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed him on the spotlight in Cape Town South Africa.

Nome crafted and released his first Single MULA (2018) alongside the leading African Producer (Kidominant). Since then he has released HALLELUJAH also produced by Kidominant (2018). 

Hallelujah was an outstanding record, it is a song of victory and a song that has not left the tongues of his fans. This has tripled  the demand for Nome`s  music  amongst Cape Townians and Nigerians most notably.

Nome has a lot of potential to break into the afro pop market big time and possibly become the hottest in the game. Do not touch that dial and make sure to check out his previous projects and follow up on up coming events.

As one of the latest Afro Pop talents making waves in the music industry what has the journey been like for you?

This journey has been very uplifting and it just shows you what hard work produces. Like any other journey, there are up and downs but that has brought me where I am today and I couldn’t be happier.

Where did your love and passion for music start?

It actually started in church and that’s actually when I discovered my love for music and the make thereof, and it has just been growing day by day, when you have a deep passion for something, it gets you excited every time you perform or work on a song…that’s when you know you love what you doing.

Looking at your work as a songwriter what inspired you to create the
music you produce?
Things that happen around me inspire me, my journey in life. What my song contains, is a message that I try to get across to whoever hears my songs

What are some of the challenges you have come across in the music

I would say the biggest challenge that an artist can possibly face is following the trend, I like to be different, being original stands out, it is staying true to yourself and not trying to be like everyone else.
Music can easily be accessed today via digital platforms, how would you
say it has helped you grow in getting your music across the world?
With the current digital migration happening, it is easier to get your work across, basically at the click of a button, I mean if you have a great team behind you anything is possible. Media has grown over the years and I’ve been able to showcase my work on many platforms and it is available globally.

How do you plan to grow Afro Pop in the South African music scene?

I believe that the youth play a big role in South Africa, I always say children are the future and if you portray the right message anything good will be achieved. It is also being relatable and realistic towards the youth. Afro pop brings enjoyment, it’s a feel good vibe.

What advice would you give to young artists out there who would love to follow their dreams and even your very own footsteps?

Find your passion and follow it, you will never feel like it’s a job or as if you working. Take every day as it comes and be grateful for even the smallest stepping stone and lastly accept failure when it comes, to succeed is to have failed at something in life. It is not about the 9th time that you fall but the 10th time that you get up and try again.

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