Multi-talented South African musician, Whaden Johannes, to release latest single Mosselbaaipunt this coming Friday

Mamre-born singer and songwriter Whaden Johannes is set to drop his newest music single, Mosselbaaipunt, across all major digital platforms on Friday 1 October.

This 28-year-old artist, actor and radio personality will finally release the highly anticipated single Mosselbaaipunt – which he wrote in 2015.

This year sees Johannes celebrating 10 years in the entertainment industry, and a seven year journey with ATKV-Crescendo – a music talent development program.

“This song is in my opinion one of my best works ever, and it is also a way of celebrating the people that took a chance on me. I wrote this song when I was an AKTV-Crescendo finalist and if it weren’t for the team who encouraged me to participate and hone my talents, I would’ve never been a finalist and I would’ve never written this song.”

For Johannes, this marked the beginning of an era for his career. “To me this song is more than just a song, it’s a life changing experience, an anthem for a life changing experience.”

The musical re-arrangement for Mosselbaaipunt was done by Melvin Williams.

So why does this song mean so much to him? “Some people write because they are in love with someone and some because they are in love with something or a place. In this case, I was so in love with Mosselbay and The Point, that I couldn’t help myself writing this song for her. At first I sold it as a love song for someone, but the truth is, this song is written for Mosselbay and The Point.”

The video for Mosselbaaipunt was recorded earlier this year and now audiences finally get to see the video and single’s release debut this Friday.

“Shooting this video allowed me to realize a dream of mine, in a few minutes for people to see, and the only thing they will see is a love story and not the story behind the story and the very long journey.”

Johannes says we as South Africans need to smile “more than ever right now”.

“This is the time that people need to be inspired and hear good music and something new, something fresh to keep us going.”

Whaden Johannes is a singer, songwriter and entertainer from Mamre. In his short career span, this multi-talented superstar has already graced many stages with great success and has proven that his talent and passion for acting, singing and the performing arts in general is truly his life calling.
From being a part time actor three years in a row for the annual Artscape productions series presented to grade 12 pupils from all over the Western Cape – in which he starred in leading roles for production of “Krismis van Map Jacobs” – to singing in solo as well as group performances in numerous musical productions, this young artist is proving his worth from stage to stage and completed internship as assistant project organiser at the ATKV to enhance his skills in project and production management. Whaden graced stages with a production called “Die Song Wil My Nie Los Nie” written and directed by Hennie van Greunen. He released a solo R&B album in 2018 named “MAMRE”. Whaden also graced the stage with a one man show called “MAMRE” where he tells the story of his people, captured by the pen of Nico Scheepers. He is currently a vocal and drama coach at Liron School of Arts, full time performer and production assistant with ATKV at the Stellenbosch branch.


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