Lesley is a fun, bubbly, sassy and all-around go-getter 27-year-old who’s born and bred in Cape Town.

She started her a radio career at MFM 92.6 – Move to the Music, an independent campus radio station in Stellenbosch back in 2013. Since then she hosted various shows at the station and in 2017 she was awarded a Liberty Radio Awards Nomination for ‘Best Daytime Show’ for her weekday show The AM2PM.

In 2016 / 2017 she started doing retail radio at Feelgood FM and had a short stint in talk radio at CapeTalk.

In November 2017, Lesley embarked on her journey at Heart FM starting with overnight shows 01h00 – 04h00. You can now catch her weekdays 09h00 – 15h00 as the traffic anchor and weekends 04h00 – 06h00 as the host of early breakfast.

Lesley DJs as well and dabbles in voiceover work too. She is fast becoming one of Cape Town’s most-loved media personalities.

I had the wonderful opportunity to ask Lesley a few questions and have her share her journey with us.

RUAN: What’s it like starting out in radio and where do you see yourself growing in this career field?

LESLEY: A lot of people think that I just started out but I’ve been putting in the work since 2013 when I started at MFM 92.6 (campus radio station in Stellenbosch). I hosted various shows at the station during my time there. I later then moved onto doing retail radio at Feelgood FM (PEP stores) and had a short producing stint at CapeTalk 567AM before I started at my dream job HEART FM.

I really do believe in putting in the work. If you really work hard and put in the time and effort and show that you really want to do something, you’ll be rewarded. It might not happen as fast as you’d like it to happen but it will. What’s meant for you will always find a way to you.

I see myself growing as a broadcaster and really getting to understand radio on a commercial level. I just want to do radio man,,, and have lekker conversations with people from all walks of life whether it’s on a daytime or nighttime show.

RUAN: What made you want to go into media/radio?

LESLEY: The storytelling aspect of it. To be able to change the listener’s mood is really something special.

RUAN: Has it been easy working as a female in media/radio?

LESLEY: It’s difficult because we have to work twice as hard as our male counterparts. But hard work has never been a problem for us. LOL. I’ve worked with some great ladies and it’s really nice to watch other females flourish and cheer each other on. It’s really inspiring.

RUAN: Do you have any role models you look up to in the media/radio industry that you would say has helped you along your journey?

LESLEY: Thinking back to my campus radio days I was inspired by friends and just their drive / passion for wanting more. The programme and station managers that I’ve worked under who thought “wow… this girl’s got something”.
I absolutely love Phat Joe! In my head is been my mentor for many years.

RUAN: How has music and radio help you find your passion?

LESLEY: When I started out I just listened to one music genre and I wanted to be a sports anchor/reporter but somewhere in between my training at MFM 92.6 I was introduced to other genres and how to create compelling radio content that evokes different emotions in order for you to connect with your listener.

RUAN: What have you learnt from the media industry so far and what else can we expect from you for the remaining of 2018?

LESLEY: The industry is very small and everyone knows everyone.
2018 has come with many blessings and lessons. With only four months left before 2018 is over, I’m just going to continue doing me.

RUAN: Tell us about working as a DJ at clubs and events in Cape Town and how you have made it in a male-dominated industry

LESLEY: I wish I had some horror story to tell you about how bad I was treated or whatever but it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, it was a guy by the name of Kyle who gave me my first shot as a DJ. He managed a club called Entourage in Stellenbsoch and I sent him an email asking if I could come in and play even if it was for an hour before the club got busy and he immediately got back to me with a ‘yeah sure’.

I was taught how to play by a guy I worked with at MFM 92.6. The guys at the club were so great! I learned so much from them whilst playing there. I was the only female DJ at the club and after a while they became brothers. DJ Denver, Master Q, DJ LLEW and DJ MULLE were definitely supporting me every night when I had to play (giving me advice as well as sharing their tips and tricks)

RUAN: Can you share some of the challenges you face in radio and how you want to use your voice as a woman?

LESLEY: There’s always going to be challenges along the journey, you just have to make sure that it doesn’t get the better of you. I want to show the young girl that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can rise above your circumstance. Stay focused on the end goal and everything will work out the way it’s supposed too.

RUAN: Do you have any inspirational words you can share with aspiring young woman in our country who would like to follow in your footsteps?

LESLEY: Do you. For you.
People will have options but don’t let that deter you from your purpose.

RUAN: Lastly if you could some up your life right now using a hashtag (#) what would it be and why?

LESLEY: #LivingMyBestLife
I’m starting to learn that you don’t need much to be happy and content. Just a small group of solid people who has got your back and you’re good.

Twitter: @LESLEYPIET https://twitter.com/LESLEYPIET
Instagram: @LESLEY_PIET https://www.instagram.com/lesley_piet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LESLEYPIETZA/

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