Leading South African provider, Affinity Health, focusing on local needs and affordability amongst the Mzansi population

Leading South African provider, Affinity Health, is on a mission to become one of the largest medical insurance companies on the continent, by focusing on local requirements and affordability.

CEO Murray Hewlett has a passion for transformation and has made sure his business offerings are a conduit for change. By actively contributing to various NGOs and initiatives around the country, he has continuously shown that he believes in investing in the future of the country.

Over the past years, there have been over 100 NGOs that have benefitted from this input, with more than 500 thousand beneficiaries, directly and indirectly, receiving assistance.

The core focus thus far has been Early Childhood Development. With the adoption of a school within the Chief Albert Luthuli area, where he has contributed to the school library and still continues to do so.

Affinity Health has aided in Humanitarian Efforts by providing assistance to communities in the East Rand and West Rand, Homes of Safety, Old Age Homes, CareGivers and Soup Kitchens. Support has been in the form of nutrition, clothing, hygiene products and various empowerment workshops.

This is extended to the contribution of non-perishable foods to families in Kaalfontein, Great North Road (Benoni) and Alex that were affected by devastating fires.  Food parcels are also provided to families, primary schools and churches who reach out and are provided with support in creating sustainable projects. These are aimed at educating around vegetable gardens that they are able to maintain and improve food security in these areas.

They have also aided by way of providing feminine hygiene initiatives on a monthly basis as well as supporting local schools with sanitary products. Not forgetting the Boy Child Programs that are hosted by the NGO to focus on their wellbeing and contribution to society.

Committed to transformation, Affinity Health is in the process of rebuilding a high school in the West Rand while piloting a Medical Society facility in selected townships, to create employment, make medical services readily available and uplift the surrounding communities.

A savings scheme overseen by the 100% Foundation will allow selected homeowners to upgrade from zinc structures to brick and mortar homes, while a mind shift program will help create and place various members of the community in permanent jobs.

Established in 2012 as a leading specialist in supplying health insurance products, Affinity Health’s goal has always been to provide South Africans with affordable and reliable health cover.

“Functional healthcare systems are the foundation of the broader economy. If employees are not feeling well, they cannot work. “Health is literally wealth”, these are the words of Murray Hewlett, and the core message behind his company Affinity Health.

The enterprise is under the diligent leadership of its CEO Murray Hewlett. A well-known figure in the world of financial services, Hewlett understands the need for affordable healthcare options, creating insurance products for the South African and broader African markets. Growing up as the main provider in his family he was familiar with the financial strain and struggles that families go through and has transferred this knowledge into these insurance businesses.

Affinity Enterprise Holdings has a diverse portfolio that includes, Health Enterprises,

Affinity Dental, Affinity Rescue, iER, Medical Society, National Risk Managers, and Affinity Financial Services. Its success is defined by its ability to occupy niches within the Financial Services sector through market-leading product development, service innovation and creating impressive consumer value.

With 25 years of experience within various financial sectors, Hewlett was able to lead incredible growth within Affinity Health over the last decade.

After obtaining his B Sc. degree from Wits University in 1996, Hewlett went on to obtain an MBA from Charles Sturt University in Australia in 2008. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Liverpool.

His vision for Affinity Health in 2022/2023 is to explore the options within Africa and expand the footprint into other jurisdictions. The aim is to do so in a manner that allows for the existing company base to match a 100% increase in revenue year on year.

His advice to future generations wanting to work in the field is, “if you want to change your life, change yourself, change your daily habits and your outlook and watch the world around you change with it.”


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