Grow With Educare Centres: Mandela Day 2019

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference
we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life
we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

When you invest in a child’s education, you invest in the future. Even the smallest contribution can impact our current and next generation. You can take

Action AgainstPoverty, as an individual, a team or company this Mandela Day, 18 July

Partner with GROW Educare Centres project and use Mandela Day to make a meaningful impact in Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in

disadvantaged communities across Cape Town,

Johannesburg and Durban. Leave a legacy this Mandela Day

President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his 2019 State of the Nation Address, said that he wants to
see all South African children receive at least two years of Early Childhood Development
(ECD) before they begin Grade 1. Recognised globally as the most powerful investment in
human capital that a country can make, this commitment to early education for our
country’s children could radically change South Africa’s prospects for education and economic growth.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has recently announced that their strategy for the next
ten years of Mandela Day will focus on policy change, with ECD rightfully taking centre
stage. ECD is a child’s crucial development phase between birth and when going to school.
During this phase, children learn foundational cognitive abilities, attitudes, and skills in
preparation for primary school and the rest of their life.

In the lead up to Mandela Day on Thursday 18 July 2019, GROW Educare
Centres invites individuals and companies to partner with them in different capacities to
bring about sustainable change in celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy.

“We represent 30 Educare Centres across under-resourced communities in Cape Town,
Durban and Johannesburg; all of which are independently owned and working in
partnership with us to achieve a 5*Star ECD rating. With your help this Mandela Day, we
can make an even greater impact,” says Tracey Chambers, CEO of GROW.

GROW with Educare Centre’s opportunities for Mandela Day 2019:

  1. Donate locally made, and child-appropriate Book Dash books towards mini-libraries.
  2. Donate outdoor play equipment or towards the labour costs of laying
    artificial grass at Grow ECD centres.
  3. Donate educational toys and equipment to be used in GROW ECD centres.
    The supplier will match every donated item.
  4. Volunteer your time to create a Sensory Board for an ECD Centre.
  5. Adopt an ECD Centre through a 2-5 years partnership which will help them
    to reach 5*Star ECD level and run a sustainable business.

These Mandela Day opportunities are based on a thorough needs assessment done by the
GROW Educare Centres project, which currently has 30 centres running across Cape Town,
Durban and Gauteng. Participants can identify which specific centres or regions they want
to support, plus all financial donations qualify for tax deductions and SED (Social
Enterprise Development) or ED (Enterprise Development) points. Section 18A certificates
are also supplied.

GROW Educare Centres is a non-profit organisation which provides women living in low-
income communities the opportunity to run excellent, private, fee-paying early learning
centres that are also viable businesses using the principles of social enterprise and micro-
franchising. ECD centres, also known as Educare centres, such as daycares and pre-
schools, are integral to the education system, however quality Educare is often lacking in
disadvantaged communities. A partnership between The Clothing Bank and Grow Learning
Company incubated this unique project, which is now running in its fourth year.

For more information about the GROW Educare Centres Mandela Day 2019
opportunities, please click here.

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