You might be surprised when you first see artist NZOBELLA, due to his fascinating heritage explaining his exotic looks, on top of hearing his international sound which is difficult to place, to discover that this very original artist is actually a born and bred local South African. Recently releasing his single, What Is True (Waited On You) featuring Cait Davies, this song addresses matters of the heart, but is however everything but a traditional love song…

NZOBELLA comments about the single, What Is True (Waited On You): “The song began on a train ride to one of my best friends, Cait Davies. By the time I arrived at her house, the basic idea was in place and she began singing to the very rough backtrack – she is the lyricist of the song and also performs the vocals.”

Davies herself further comments about the song and adds: “The story behind it is one we can all relate to, I’m sure. It’s not a love song, but it was definitely crafted around the matters of the heart. More specially, about the person or relationship that made you say things you shouldn’t have, do things that you normally wouldn’t have, feel things that you were never supposed to, and yet…there you are – waiting around for something or someone who was never worthy of your affections in the first place.”

“In lust, it’s so easy to question, to lose your truth, to misplace your worth and to compromise on your ideas of what you want and deserve in a significant other. However, the one you wait for will inevitable haunt you the most, “ she further explains.

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NZOBELLA actually met Cait Davies at a school function in Johannesburg when he was only 11 years old. “We connected straight away and as the years went by our friendship grew stronger and more meaningful. She is one of my closest and cherished friends and we have an exceptional relationship. I had always been a fan of her voice and songwriting, so it was an easy decision to collaborate. We just get each other,” he states.

Through his music, NZOBELLA would like to connect with people on a deeperlevel, inspire them and help where possible by sharing messages of empowerment, as well as uplifting their current state of mind so that that they can realise that everyone is in fact limitless.

Currently NZOBELLA is working on new material, which includes more collaborations He is also planting the seeds of an upcoming project, which includes a documentary and a fashion film. “I’m also gearing up to perform live next year,” he adds.

He fondly recalls the moment he first made the decision to become a music artist: “I studied film at AFDA, Johannesburg and took music / scoring as a subject. I’ll never forget the feeling that came over me the first time I ever created something. I lost sense of time and space and connected to something from a realm beyond the physical. I had always loved music and from a very young age wanted to become a singer. But this experience just cemented the decision.”

NZOBELLA says that his musical influences ranges from Deep House (specifically old school SA) and further infused with genres across the board – old vocal jazz (Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong), blues, hip-hop, R&B, rock, pop and anything that made him feel something. “Also my mom’s CD collection was astonishing – she bought all the new deep / funky house compilations and it was a gold mine,” he says.

NZOBELLA’s early years – from Johannesburg to London to Sicily and beyond…

NZOBELLA was born and raised in Edenvale, Johannesburg. He derived his
stage name from his original – Vincenzo Di Bella, explaining: “The last three
letters from Vincenzo and the second part of from my surname Di Bella. I wanted a link to my heritage as well as a connection to South Africa.”

The heritage he is referring to also explains his unique exotic and exquisite look. “My great grandfather was a prisoner of war in SA for eight years and fell in love with the country. He brought the rest of the family over from Sicily to work on farms. When I was 3 months old we immigrated to Sicily, but my father decided to return back to South Africa after one a few months.”

After matriculating, NZOBELLA studied at AFDA, Johannesburg and then also made his way to London, where he began his studies in music production and after completing his degree, made a home for himself there where all his current music was recorded. Currently he resides between Sicily and South Africa.

Describing himself as open, loving, empathetic and genuine, NZOBELLA concludes by stating what his philosophy in life is: “Life is beautiful and often challenging. I’m working on myself every single day to be the best I can be.

We all make mistakes and experience great suffering, but they’re all lessons if we choose to see it that way. I try to connect and respect everything and everyone and hope to inspire and empower others.”

NZOBELLA’s music is now available on all popular digital music platforms.

Also visit and connect with him on social media:
Facebook (NZOBELLA), Twitter (@NZOBELLA) and Instagram (@NZOBELLA).

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