Dantanio is South Africa’s most charismatic and versatile Entertainer, singer and songwriter in a class of his own! Born and raised in Kimberley, has been singing and performing since the age of 9.

Goodman has written many hits for artists like Dr. Victor, titles include “Honeybun” from the “If you want to be happy” album and “Got to be you” currently topping the S.A. charts. Additional artists including Dawney, Vicky Sampson, Garth Taylor, DJ Jazzy D, Emo Adams, to name a few.

He has been performing since appearing in the stage musical Cardboard Dreams, directed by Janice Honeyman. Dantanio has also starred as Sammy Davis Jr. in the hit musical The Rat Pack, during a 3 month run throughout South Africa.

He has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of South Africa’s greatest artist and now it is Goodman’s time to shine with his own original music coming to all musical platforms this November.

I got to chat to Goodman’s journey thus far and what we can expect from his brand new music and single titled “ROCK STEADY”.

RUAN: You are well known as impersonating the late Michael Jackson and I was so honoured to have seen you perform live which to this day still gives me goosebumps. What are some of your most memorable moments performing on stage?

DANTANIO: I love the reaction I get from the fans. It really warms my heart when they respond in the right way. I really try my best to give a performance that’s as meaningful and believable as possible.

RUAN: As a singer and songwriter yourself you have found your own unique identity and will be releasing your own music. What made you want to write your own music?

DANTANTIO: This is a very important time in my growth as an artist. I believe it’s important to share the real you with the fans. My ORIGINAL material will give people a chance to relate to my own voice and artistic skills.

RUAN: At what age did your dream to sing and perform all start?

DANTANTIO: I always watched and listened to variety shows on TV and on radio. That excited me the way people’s talents could affect our emotions. Since the age of 8/9 I knew my calling.

RUAN: Tell us more about your new song “ROCK STEADY”.

DANTANTIO: This song is a great celebration, fun and upbeat song. It’s really about having a good time and not having a care in the world. (Time does not exist) It’s for anyone and everyone. I hope the world will receive it well.

RUAN: Where would you say your inspiration comes from when working on your own music from start to finish?

DANTANTIO: I’m inspired by so many things. The creative process has no set time or warning. It happens instantly. I love a good and positive environment, and working with like-minded people. That’s so important to me, especially in collaboration. Most of my work I create alone… depending on the project.

RUAN: You call your music “Music from the heart” why would you say music is so close to your heart?

DANTANTIO: I almost feel like music in general has lost its soul and essence. I believe music or any forms of expression should come from within. It resonates best when it’s honest. Always express from an honest place.

RUAN: What are some of the reasons behind the style of your music?

DANTANTIO: It’s important to keep a fresh concept. I would like to set a trend not follow one. So it’s vital for me to try different things. I love expending and challenging my creativeness.

RUAN: When can we expect to see your music on all major music platforms?

DANTANTIO: I’m currently in studio finalising the project. It’s hard work but so much fun and joy. I aim at releasing the single “Rock STEADY “before end of Nov 2019

RUAN: Can we expect to see you perform in Durban anytime soon?

DANTANTIO: I have some independent work coming up in Durban 2019.But I will keep all the fans informed of my 2020 calendar. It’s always great preforming in Durban.

RUAN: What advice do you have for young artists in our country who wants to follow in your footsteps?

DANTANTIO: My advice… follow your own footsteps. Stay loyal to yourself and keep your focus and disciplined. The biggest ingredient is prayer and faith. You must believe, so it may become. Surround yourself with genius people and learn from them. Advice is free, ask.

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