CARLO ABRAHAMS – Worcester-born gospel singer and songwriter

The Worcester-born singer is making waves with the release of his début EP “Still Standing” that was released in August 2015. Carlo’s  1st single, Got Me To Smile, which was released September 2014 gained various radio airplay throughout South Africa and the world – thanks to its release on ITunes, Reverbnation and SoundCloud. His Single was also No. 7 on the Reverbnation R&B/SOUL charts for South Africa. Carlo’s EP features two new singles “Still Standing” and “Just Dance”.

This gifted young man is also powerful and anointed gospel singer. When he minister gospel music in praise and worship he give his all lifting up the Glorious name of our Heavenly Father. Carlo is one of the Worship Team leaders at Fountain of Live Ministries, Worcester under the covering of Senior Pastor Chester Swart. In the Western Cape Carlo is well-known for his anointing voice and shared the gospel stage with well-known gospel artists/musicians such as Jonathan Rubain, Dumisani, House of Davids, DonVino, Kunjalo, Basic, Byron Hendricks,   etc. Carlo also embraced his talent with international Gospel artists Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Hezekiah Walker. In 2016 Carlo moved to George and he is currently on the move in the Southern Cape. Carlo is currently ministering the gospel of Christ through his anointed gift and enjoying stages such as Diaz Festival, AFM Southern Cape Conference and the list continue.

Carlo, who is qualified and whose day job requires him to work within the Water Sector within the Western Cape Province, began singing his career while still at primary school where he sang as a soloist in the Victoria Park School Choir in Worcester. If that wasn’t enough, he joined the local church choir and immediately fell in love with the art of music.

Abrahams recently hosted a stellar musical concert on 8 June 2019 in Worcester, with all the proceeds going to a good cause! The proceeds of this event went mainly to CANSA benefiting people hat passed away with cancer. It was a no brainer for Carlo to make sure this was his choice of organization as his Father passed away in 2015 when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.
To pay tribute to his father, Carlo wrote and recorded the single  “Dad I miss You” in November 2018 and currently available at all digital platforms.
Each year Carlo hosts a musical concerts to commemorate the memory of this late father, and in doing so, he has used his musical talent to make a difference in the lives of those affected with the disease in the Western Cape area. 

This vibrant energetic man has touched so many with his beautiful voice and I just knew he would be the best person to interview and get a better depth of his journey.

RUAN: Where did your love for gospel music come from?

CARLO: At a very young age, still in primary school, I joined my dad to sing in the church choir. I also sang in my primary school choir at Victoria Park Primary. I can still remember my 1st solo performance November 1997 in church. That day I was so overwhelmed and nervous that half way through the song I stopped singing. During that time started joining male choirs and chamber choirs such as Southern Ethos Chamber Choir.

My 1st television solo performance I had with Southern Ethos on a programme called “Maak ‘n Las”. That was the time the late President Mandela was still the president and we also performed at his state Banquet that was held in Paarl.

RUAN: Being a songwriter is a natural born talent where you can express yourself through the love of music. Where do you get your inspiration?

CARLO: I always listen to other songwriters and singers. I also like to attend sessions based on songwriting, music business classes, etc. Like I always say I am a Soulful guy and love music that speaks to the soul. That’s why I love Gospel music because what you sing must touch and bless someone. My music might not speak to everyone, but if I can bless one person, my heart is happy.

Whenever I write my own music it normally start with the melody. Sometimes I will get a melody in my head (I will even at times dream of melodies). I will then dot it down and then give it to my music director, Francios Afrika, to work with melody and build on it. I will then start working on the lyrics until such time I am happy with the song. And yes normally when I write I express myself. Sometimes I will listen to my music I wrote and I can then relate back to the state of mindset I was in.

RUAN: Who are some of your favourite artists that you have performed with?

CARLO: The late Zayn Adams, Sasha-Lee Davids, Elwira Standili, Crusanda Forbes, Bevin Samuels, Karin Kortje, etc and then I also had an opportunity to perform for international Gospel artists Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah Walker. 

RUAN: You recently hosted a music concert “Soulful Night with Carlo Abrahams”, was it your first concert and what was the experience like?

CARLO: No actually my 1st show I had in 2011. That was my 1st solo performance show I ever had. Since then I had one show per year. In 2014 I released my 1st song called “Got me to smile”. A song that did great on the music charts was Reverbnation getting to number 7 on the rnb/soul charts. In August 2015 I released my 1st EPW called “Still Standing”. On this EP I released two new songs “Still Standing and Just Dance”.

RUAN: Your musical journey must have been hard when you lost your dad through cancer. How did this affect your career and did you find strength through it all?

CARLO: My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer a week before I EPW launch in August 2015. Now just imagine after receiving such news to still preparing for a show. It felt like everything was falling apart around me, but yet I try to stay strong for my dad. My dad was my right hand and the person that always ran around for me when it came to my shows.

He was my greatest supporter that people would always know how proud he was of me. I can still remember the night of my launch how my dad danced to my songs as I performed life and how he lifted the spirit in the venue. During his sickness he lost his voice. That broke me because he was one that loved to sing. And you would have recognised his voice out of n choir. I think that’s why I can perform without a mic lol… This voice got volume lol.

Unfortunately my dad passed on November 2015. The most painful time in my life, but you know what kept me going is that my dad would wanted me to continue with what I am doing. And I know he is watching down on me with a smile and proud of what I become thus far.

RUAN: A lot of youth looks up to you for guidance and motivation. What advice would you give them if they would like to follow in your footsteps?

CARLO: I always say to the youth, be yourself… Do not try to be someone else or try to copy someone else. God made you to be unique and not to be someone else. When I come to trust put it in God and not humankind. For God will never disappoint you. The other day I told one of my friends never let others claim they made you and you are there because of them. Follow you dreams but know that on God’s time things will happen and doors will open. Do not try and rush things… Ambition + Attitude = Achievement

RUAN: If you could use one word to describe yourself as you see yourself today what would itbe and why?

CARLO: Favoured, I am truly favoured and blessed and it is all thanks to the Almighty.

Watch some of Carlo’s YouTube music videos below and see for yourself what an amazing blessed performer he truly is. 

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