Cape Town-based Afro pop act, Raskells Band, drops latest single “Third Love” across all major digital platforms on Valentine’s Day

Popular Afro pop Cape Town act, Raskells Band, is channeling all things romance this February with their latest music offering “Third Love”.

The music band, which was founded in 2019, dropped the single “Third Love” on all major digital platforms today. The mesmerizing track is the latest track to be released from their recent album, All I Have.

A video for the track, which was also released on the band’s YouTube channel earlier this morning, was directed and filmed by Christoph and Nicole from Designer Kollektiv in The Netherlands.

The video was shot in BoKaap, Observatory and Woodbridge – showcasing some of Cape Town’s most exquisite locations.

Aimed with a fine art to blend music genres, Raskells Band consists of seven band members in total. On “Third Love” only three members are voiced on the hit single, including band members Isaiah Munemo aka Kells, Simbarashe Chivhanga aka Simphill and Tinotenda Zandodha aka Slotah the chanter.

For Raskells Band member, Isaiah Munemo, the song started out as a joke when fellow band member and Casanova, Joe, finally found his true love.

“In May 2018 Joe met a fine lady from Birmingham England who has a background from the Caribbean Islands. From the first time the two met Joe described the love they shared as something that he never imagined and never saw coming,” he says.

Munemo adds: “Even with the circumstances of distance between the two love birds, their mutual understanding and relationship became strong and as a band we decided to take Joe’s experience and portray it in the art of music.”

“Third Love is set to dazzle SA audiences with its electric sounds produced by Xfecta the Soundmindz now based in Burundi.

Check out the music video here:

Artist Background and Biography

Simbarashe Chivhanga Aka Simphill – When it comes to discussing a “who’s who” in the Cape Town Hip hop music scene the name of lyrically talented rapper Simphill will always come up early in the conversation. With a pedigree that’s bestowed him the title of “Harp King of Loveland” (which he humbly denies) he began as a music producer and songwriter in 2010 owning Simphill records then has been ubiquitous on countless stages and recording studios around town. As a singer-songwriter Simphill is something of a recluse, but as a sideman he’s visible and dynamic, a first call name for classy outfits like the Burberry.  He’s revered for his other-worldly ability to provide just the right touch to whatever setting he’s in. He and the Raskells go together (as Forrest Gump would say) like “peas and carrots

Tinovimba Zandodha Aka Slotah the Chanter – Slotah the chanter is the band’s utility man, which means he routinely brought more vocals and lyrics to a gig than anyone else. He grew up mainly focusing on reggae music and dancehall, but knows all the pop tunes as well. Slotah’s passionate lead and harmony vocals blend beautifully with the other Raskells singers and you’ll find him from time to time as the voice behind the “high lonesome”. The band met him at a Cape Town reggae festival jam session where he was chanting it up on stage and singing with a freestyle band. He was in the band about five minutes later.

Isaiah Munemo Aka Kells – Isaiah Munemo began his musical career as an alto vocalist in the church choir, which is how he had the idea to start the band Raskells with Joe and recruiting Slotah and Simphill to the band. Isaiah’s strength is mainly song writing and playing piano. His role in the band is to usually oversee all aspects from lyrical arrangement, production and mastering. At live performances you’ll find him on the last row driving the band with impeccable rhythmic ferocity on each song he featured, and then slipping behind the piano for the next, all the while providing her distinctive soulful vocals. His song writing is a textbook example of high craft and he is very much inspired by Neyo. Isaiah is chock full of captivating piano riffs, memorable melodies, and lyrics that deftly balance pathos and grand optimism. In other words, very human.

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