Boss Babes of South Africa

The all female skill sharing platform has been making waves on social media over the past two years, it’s aim, simple – to inspire and motivate women to be the best versions of themselves.

Sandtonite, Kovini Moodley,  a Chartered Accountant is the founder of this incredible Philanthropic venture and contributes its success to having selfless women contribute towards its cause of skill sharing, mentorship and knowledge enhancement opportunities.

Kovini celebrates herself as a multifaceted woman of South Africa and is proud of her ability to embrace all facets of her life in a seamless and powerfully impactful life.

It’s all about what you value, when you value something, you will find a way to optimize opportunities around it. The greatest asset we all have is to leverage our truest selves for the good of others.I’m also an obsessed animal lover,  spending time in nature is such a rejuvenating experience  for the mind and body.

Moodley notes, surrounding myself with such inspirational like minded female changemakers has been my biggest life upgrade.  Make sure that your tribe is routing for you everyday.

The all girl powerhouse platform is filled with daily inspiration,  weekly go lived with influential SA Female Leaders and skill sharing to allow for upskilling of their boss community. 

We decided on the name Boss Babes of South Africa as an ode to all the Proudly South African women who display excellence accross their fields of expertise. 

We are largely a professional platform providing safe spaces for women to have authentic and candid conversations which uplift and empower.

The movement also launched a magazine called the Boss Mag, filled with tons of empowering advice and insights in 2021.

The movement is most proud of all the women who selflessly give up their time to contribute to a cause bigger than themselves through knowledge sharing and mental health awareness campaigns supported by expert professionals.

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