APOLLO a Pop Rock band based out of Cape Town, South Africa continues to hit our airwaves with their unique sound. Four members make up the band and they are Sam Hyde (vocals/piano), Daniel Nambassi (drums), Joshua Buchalter (guitar) and Denise Onen (synth/keys). They are well known on the gig scene for their high-energy performances and showmanship.

The name of the band ‘APOLLO’ was discovered after band member Sam Hyde studied Greek Mythology at University. Apollo is the God of music, lyric and poetry. They have a current, fresh and unique sound blending a Rock background with Dance and EDM elements. Their debut single titled ‘Pharisee’ was play-listed on 14 radio stations around the country and charted at number 14 in the Zone Radio’s Top 20.
APOLLO will be going on their first national tour in January 2019 and are back with a follow up single titled ‘Secret Sunrise’. They will be going back into studio to record with producer COSHER for their 3rd single titles We Are Soldiers- a song with strong political context.

‘Secret Sunrise’ was recorded at COSHER studios in Cape Town and produced by DJ Cosher. The song follows the lead on genre crossovers and forefronts the ideas of modern music. Apollo has found a perfect fusion between a rock band and modern pop/dance music act. They appeal to a wide range audience and their fan base and listenership is expanding daily. ‘Secret Sunrise’ contains strong vocals, clean melodic guitar riffs, epic EDM drops and lyrical imagery that will take the listener on a journey of discovery.

I asked the band members to share their journey with us, and what makes them so unique.

RUAN: You are one of South Africa’s current, fresh and unique sounds. What makes you guys stand out from other bands?

APOLLO: As individuals we come from such different musical backgrounds that we have had to find a unique way to blend our styles and genres together. From Rock to Pop, choral and A cappella to dance and EDM. We have coined the term: Genre Bending

RUAN: How did you guys meet each other, and can you remember the day when you all decided this was going to be your dream?

APOLLO: Samuel Hyde (lead singer & piano), Daniel Nambassi (drums) and Denise Onen (bass synth & keys) met through the same mutual friend in the music industry and were later introduced to Joshua Buchalter (guitar) through a producer we had worked with a few months prior.

As individuals, we all have our own musical goals, dreams and desires; but Apollo’s dream came together the moment we first shared the stage. It was an electric feeling we won’t forget. That’s when we knew we had a unique chemistry together

RUAN: What has the excitement been like knowing your hard work has paid off and made it to the Top 20 Charts?

APOLLO: A song actually couldn’t be more private. This one for Sam Hyde started in a bedroom at 2 am it was almost a bewildering but exciting experience for the band to hear the song grow from the most personal space to hearing it on radio knowing thousands of people are listening to it at that very moment.

RUAN: Your performances are filled with high energy, what would you say is your driving force during concerts?

APOLLO: Something we feel is quite special about the band is we have a unique stage chemistry – we feed off each others’ Energie and off stage genuinely do enjoy our time together not only as band members but friends; that friendship instills a trust we have for each other and contributes to an epic stage bond.

RUAN: “Pharisee” is your debut single. What is the song about and who inspired you to write it?

APOLLO: Pharisee tells the story of hypocrisy within a romantic relationship.

RUAN: You guys are planning on touring nationally in 2019, is it something you guys are looking forward to and what can we expect from the tour?

APOLLO: We have a lot of things planned for the upcoming National tour… But we’re going to be cheeky and keep things under wraps

RUAN: You have also finished recording your follow up single “SECRET SUNRISE” what was the inspiration behind this song?

APOLLO: A few months back we attended a silent disco on a field in Cape Town overlooking table mountain called The Secret Sunrise, a global movement created under the African skies that aims to unite us through dance and conscious collaboration. After all that experience is what gave rise to our new single ‘Secret Sunrise’.

This is the story behind our song. Picture this, 100’s of people wearing headphones, up at the crack of dawn and for a time there was not a care in the world. Hipsters, rockers, jocks and beach bums danced without a sense of anyone watching. The power of music took over as we watched strangers from all walks of life interact with each other.

It didn’t matter who you were or where you were from we were all there to serve one purpose, to finally just live and actually be in the moment. While the party ended – the experience didn’t and while our song ‘Secret Sunrise’ is dealing with personal issues, endeavours and growth in our lives we hope that you the listener will be able to draw something from it. We are currently also in talks with the movement to collaborate on some creative content.

RUAN: If you guys could give yourself a hashtag (#) as you see yourself today as a band, what would it be and why?

APOLLO: #lovelightandpeace. That’s pretty much what we stand for as musicians and human beings.

RUAN: Do you guys have any inspirational words for young artists out there that would like to follow in your footsteps?

APOLLO: Love and believe in your art so much that you are passionate about sharing it with others. Know what you stand for as artists. Uphold that integrity and be open to the idea that we are in an industry, learn about the music business, marketing, and promotion and always put your best foot forward.

RUAN: Lastly on which social media platforms can we continue to support your journey on?

Instagram @apollomusiclive
Facebook – Apollo Live
Twitter @apollomusiclive
YouTube – Apollo
Apple Music
Google Play


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