Just Kids is the new single by UK trio, Parapet. The video, recently released, was filmed in and around Cape Town. Their love for South Africa comes as no surprise: lead singer Jonathan Pole was born in Mafikeng and moved to KZN, but was later raised in the UK after his parents left the country. 

Watch the Just Kids music video here: 

‘Just Kids’ is Parapet’s long awaited first official release since their debut EP in 2016 and will serve as the foundation of their next few years in the game. It’s a song that feels like summer, better times & fond memories of small town life. The song is a realisation that the fountain of youth doesn’t last forever. Accompanied with a music video filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, the pairing will give you the chance to spiritually leave home for a few minutes and find yourself on the other side of the world, which is something we’ve all truly needed since lockdown began.

Jonathan Pole explains more, “This song and video means a huge amount to me as a personal homage to my youth in South Africa. I’m a very nostalgic person and with Africa being such a beautiful place in my memories, I simply wanted to take people on a journey home with me. With the world metaphorically burning around us, I see this as a bright, uplifting yet nostalgic song that’s really needed right now. I hope it can do for others what it does for me.” 

The new song has been well-received with plays on South African radio as well as a feature on BBC Introducing “Track of the Week”.

“I had to bring the rest of the Parapet to go and see South Africa” says Jonathan Pole. “I have some many great memories of growing up there. Everyone hears me talking about it all the time, and so I thought it made for a great inspiration for the new video!”

More about Parapet:

Parapet are a powerhouse trio that are bound to mess with all your senses. This band will have you believe they’re a simple Pop outfit before slamming down some EDM bangers until you suddenly find yourself in what could only be described as where Deathcore goes to die. Trying to filter through the eclectic and vast plains of inspiration they draw from would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Making a guarantee to be one to watch, Parapet will keep you on your toes by blurring any conceivable line in the sand between genres.


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