True to form, alternative rock group RISE IN RED’s new single boasts the atmospheric, anthemic sound the band has become known for. And the song title seems almost prophetic…
PROGRESSION is about someone battling with the issues of life, death and faith and the question of ‘what happens next?’. It is, essentially, the story about the progression through life,” explains the band’s lead guitarist, Jayson Reynolds. “That said, it is also almost a ‘founding’ song for us and elaborates on our journey – the path towards the realisation of our album was definitely one with twists and turns.”

The newly released track follows hot on the heels of In Between The Lines – which is also the title of their debut album – and Voices, both of which have been well received and can still be heard on the radio.

PROGRESSION, the third of eleven original tracks on their album, is aptly named not only because of the epic guitar hook (in musical terms, a number of chords following each other in a pattern is called a progression), but also because it signals the evolution of the band and the progress they’ve made.  
The single will be complemented by a music video, produced by GK Kreativ Productions, and is due for release in March. But the band isn’t giving much away. “It is mainly a band-focused video with a side story revealing a journey. The twist lies in how the side story integrates with the band scenes. Fans will have to wait and see what happen,” says Reynolds.
The Bloemfontein-based band – with members Reynolds, Dustin McCrindle (lead vocalist), Jaco Novella (drummer) and Pierre du Toit (bassist) has made a name for themselves with their inspiring lyrics and captivating stage presence.  
While having performed with the likes of Prime Circle, aKing, Dan Patlansky, Francois Van Coke and other notable acts, they list the release of their album as the highlight of the past year.

“We have great hopes for PROGRESSION and our album as a whole. We believe that our music has what it takes to cross borders in all senses of the word, and we trust that it will uplift and inspire people when they listen to it. The entire album’s message is one of hope – while dealing with life experiences and questions, there is always the resolution that there’s a better tomorrow,” explains Reynolds.
In addition to writing new songs, lining up shows and planning a number of exciting events, the band has been creating some awesome content for their YouTube channel with the help of band mentor Damian Keyes. Fans and guitar enthusiasts can look forward to very informative how-to-videos by Jayson, behind-the-scenes footage and lots more.
RISE IN RED is a versatile rock band whose ambient and emotive music has a wide appeal and, with the release of PROGRESSION, the band is continuing their rise to fame. Follow their progress on social media and become part of their ever-growing community!

The single is available on their album here:

Spotify: spotify.riseinred.com
Apple: apple.riseinred.com
Deezer: deezer.riseinred.com
YouTube: youtube.riseinred.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riseinred/
Instagram: @riseinred
Website: www.riseinred.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/riseinred
YouTube: http://youtube.riseinred.com

E-mail: info@riseinred.com
Cell: 083 257 4556 / 083 302 9204

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