Nominee 3 – The Next Generation of Brave: Meet Julian Sheldon – Masters student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from CT

Julian Sheldon is a Masters student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, who loves learning in order to help those around him. His friends applaud him for the perseverance and determination he has shown in his studies and life, and for the commitment he has shown in the frontlines against Covid-19.

With his eagerness to learn, comes his appreciation for learning from others. “Mentorship is valuable for young and new healthcare professionals because we are novices in this field,” Julian says. “Mentorship provides this form of guidance.”

Julian found his mentor in pharmacist Leon Brits for whom he worked for three years — sharing a close bond and great respect for one another.

Leon, the responsible pharmacist at Essential Health Pharmacy in Kuilsrivier, also values the long-term impact of mentorships and remembers the lessons his own mentor once taught him in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The registered NPO Leon Brits nominated is:

Durbanville Children’s Home

In the first season, Adcock Ingram OTC celebrated a raft of unsung heroes from the country’s health system, profiling professionals from private practice to civil service, from academia, pharmacy, and the nonprofit sector.

Now the second season is in full swing, seeking the next generation of healthcare heroes – people who are newly working in or studying towards a career in healthcare.

If you know any aspiring, current or recently graduated healthcare students or are one yourself, submit a nomination to stand a chance to win.

To promote career development in the healthcare sector, Adcock Ingram OTC is creating a platform to aid these students financially in their studies and to provide them with impactful mentorship from academic, professional and industry leaders. Each week, from now until November 25, 2020 a new nominee is featured. All ten feature nominees will be paired with a selected mentor for career development, as well as stand a chance to win one of two R25 000 scholarships.

If you know any aspiring, current or recently graduated healthcare students or are one yourself, submit a nomination to stand a chance to win: 

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