Saturdays at 8pm, from 26 Sept 2020 – 24 Oct 2020 

Singer and songwriter, Loukmaan Adams, along with Oddball Concepts is set to dazzle your cultural dance moves this Heritage Month, with the uniquely Capetonian production, THE JIVE CULTURE SHOCK (Jingles and Karinkles online).

(‘Jingles’ refers to the tambourine, an instrument played in a minstrel troupe.  ‘Karinkles’ refers to a vocal run, unique to the Malay choirs/ Nederlands song.)

In 2018, the Oddball Concepts team with Alistair Izobell, produced Satin to Sequins – More Than A Minstrel, hosted at the Baxter Theatre. This musical tried to break down the negative stereotype of minstrels and showcase its diverse community of lawyers, clerks and artists alike.

Now in 2020, they show how this festive culture can exist on any platform; any time of the year, from the grand Artscape stage to your home through a virtual stream.

The Jive Culture Shock streams weekly as a series of 4 episodes. It includes story inserts, guest judges, viewer videos and a surprise international element.

The main attraction in each episode is the competition between 2 cultural teams, battling to reach the finale. Each team performs both minstrel and Malay choir items.

A panel of judges as well as the viewers decide the winner from each episode by way of an online voting ballot. The finale will be made up of the 3 winning teams from each episode.

We’ll see the likes of Armien Vardien, Omar Adams, Terry Fortune, Emo Adams, Sheecas Closet, Marc Lottering, David Kramer and Sophia Foster giving their opinions on the teams’ performances.
Guest artists performing are Karin Kortje and Mujahid George and of course the host Irma G.

There will be a donation drive during each episode to raise funds for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust in support of the Upgrade and Expansion of the Emergency Centre. People are urged to pledge toward this worthy cause, as every cent counts toward their R5-mill target.

This concept was born from the ‘new normal’ under the Covid-19 regulations.

The arts and tourism sectors were hit hard as the livelihoods of artists relied on concerts and ticket sales thereof. With the restriction on gatherings, earning an income was impossible.

Not being able to congregate en masse however, should not hinder cultural expression. With the annual minstrel parade and Malay choir events quite possibly being hindered, people were missing the usual choir practices.

Not only does this event give our youth (and young at heart) the opportunity to express themselves, it also gives the viewer a festive getaway from life’s Covid-19 challenges. With so much sad news, this production aims to give people an escape, even for just a while.

This production wants to elicit the idea that if we are to preserve a culture, we must continue to create it. Culture does not make people. People make culture. ­

Buy your ticket (or book for every episode) and please spread the word far and wide!

Tickets available at Quicket now:

Episode 1 – 26th Sept 2020

Episode 2 – 3rd Oct 2020

Episode 3 – 10th Oct 2020

Finale episode – 24th Oct 2020


  • Loukmaan Adams is a well-known South African singer, actor and entertainer with over 30 years’ industry experience.  He is best known for his involvement in musical theatre, working alongside music directors, producers and songwriters such as Taliep Petersen and David Kramer in their productions “District Six” and “Kat and the Kings”.
  • Loukmaan has performed with A-list American artists Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Tyler.  Locally he has shared stages and/or collaborated with many other high profile artists like Jimmy Nevis, Jonathan Rubain, Robin Pieters, Alistar Isobell, Emo Adams, BlackByrd, Top Dog, Take Note, The Rockets, Karin Kortjie, Jack Parrow, Sasha Lee Davids, Vicky Sampson, to name a few.
  • Loukmaan received the Best Actor award for his work in the musical Kat and the Kings, and received the FNB Vita Award for the Best Performer and Choreographer. He also received the Laurence Olivier Award and was nominated for the Tony Award.  Recently he played a lead role in “Aunty Merle – The Musical”, written by well-known South African comedian Marc Lottering. Loukmaan has also directed his own shows over the years.
  • Loukmaan’s natural vibrant energy on stage is always something to look forward to as he ALWAYS captivates ANY audience with all of his performances. Fans can expect to also see him act in the upcoming SA movie, Barakat, which is scheduled for a 2021 release in local movie theatres.


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