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Michelle Campbell, is the owner of Green Cat Health organic health products– a female-owned business that focuses on mind, body and soul healing.

Michelle is also a qualified herbalist. She travels all over the country giving talks on green health and the use of CBD oil in health and wellness. Green Cat produces CBD based medicinal products, currently treating hundreds of humans and animals countrywide.

Michelle has been in green health for 23 years and is a Cannabis advocate. She qualified in Ayurveda (Indian medicine and the oldest in the world at 5 000 years old and herbalism) – which is why she decided to focus on helping others, hence establishing Green Cat Organic Health.

During the pandemic, Michelle’s business has expanded due to the demand for these products. It’s become at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry in SA and Michelle plans to export in the not too distant future 

In 2017, Michelle started the business with R4 000 in her pocket. Within 4 years the Port Elizabeth-born businesswoman, opened 4 stores across South Africa, with over 80 agents around the country. The Cape Town-based store is based in Kuilsriver.

Green Cat Organic Health provides cannabis-based products which are locally produced (and sourced) and that are of top quality. These products are pure, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, chemical and toxin free and focused on gut health. Michelle believes it is imperative to treat any condition by getting to the root of the problem.

Quality is definitely evident in the results they see from their clients. Green Cat Health has seen hundreds of successful cases, cancer treatment protocols, treating animals, children and adults.

Michelle is currently working on her own TV show called Green Warriors, with an LA based film studio. Michelle lives in St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape with her rescued fur-children.

Green Cat Organic Health Cape Town offers a one-stop holistic healing shop

  • Green Cat strives to do no more harm to your body and that is exactly what we offer. We focus on healing the mind, body and soul.  Our Protocols are micro-dosing – small doses consistently is how we shift our health.
  • Green Cat’s wide range of products caters for all human and animal health and cosmetic needs.  Our products are 100% Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free, Chemical free and Vegan.  We focus on healing the core problem before treating the symptoms.  We focus a lot on gut health. All products are created by a Master Herbalist and Ayurvedic Doctor with more than 3 decades of experience in her field.  We have 4 stores up and running in South Africa, one in Cape Town, St Francis Bay, Port Elizabeth and Jeffrey’s Bay.  We have stockists available in Humansdorp and Camps Bay.  We also provide an online selling opportunity and more than 50+ families have benefited from this extra income opportunity.
  • Green Cat Organic Health opened up it’s first store in St Francis Bay in 2019. As the demand for the products grew, so did the business, where a further three stores opened over the past few months. Green Cat Organic Health now has stores in St Francis Bay, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay. Not only is this incredible brand spreading its healing wings throughout the country but Green Cat Organic Health also offers an opportunity for people like you to join this growing household name as an agent.
  • Green Cat Organic Health store provides cannabis-based products which are locally produced and of top quality.  Quality is definitely evident in the results we see from our clients. We have hundreds of successful cases, cancer treatment protocols, treating animals, children and adults.  We use only the best ingredients and all products are sourced locally.
  • The Green Cat Cape Town store provides Rife treatments with one of 8 people in the worlds most qualified Rife treatment therapist.  With a full-body scan, you can pinpoint exactly what’s going on in your body and the machine also gives feedback on exactly which treatment you need to follow to gain homeostasis.
  • We also offer 4 different types of massages (Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, Swedish massage and Deep tissue massage.  We also offer three different types of facials. Extreme facial, Extreme Cleanse Facial and Adult Acne Facial.  Using Green Cat organic health products these massages and facials are also 100% natural, organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free and vegan.
  • Coming soon to our Green Cat Cape Town store to add to our holistic healing one-stop store is Reiki healing and Derma pen treatments.  With top of the nudge therapist specially sourced.
  • To get into contact with the Green Cat Organic Health Cape Town store you can Contact Delene 0832627246 or send us an email

What are your thoughts on CBD Oil and the benefits in treating people with ailments and conditions?

CBD oil is absolutely beneficial to each and every one of us as we have what is known as an endocannabinoid system in our bodies and this controls all of our other systems such as our central nervous system, immune system, sleep and wake cycles and so on. The endocannabinoid system is kept healthy by way of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. When we ingest oils containing these essential cannabinoids, we are assisting our bodies to create the state of homeostasis – where everything works in perfect alignment. Just as one can be nutrient deficient, we are cannabinoid deficient. This in-turn, has a negative knock on effect to our health.

What are some of your best entrepreneurial lessons you would like to share with us?

Human beings are always going to have needs. However, those needs can and will change. We saw our needs instantly and drastically change with the onset of Covid and lockdown. Being a smart entrepreneur knows how to spot and pre-empt those changes long before they become mainstream. As an entrepreneur, I have had much success by simply staying “ahead of the curve”

Did you have any struggles/challenges starting up the business and what have you learnt?

I started with approximately R10 000 to buy the botanical extractor and the first batch of dry herbs I needed. I then used those sales to expand as I went along. For the past four years, most of what the business has made has gone straight back, as I have seen this as the foundation phase of the legacy I am creating. I have also used some of the bank’s money at times to buy stock and equipment and have sold shares in my stores to open them. I also acquired agents very early on to sell my products and used the money from their sales to further the business’s growth and expansion. Another challenge was circumnavigating our way around the law and the restrictions placed on CBD oils. We have to ensure that we are certified and compliant at all times.

How have you survived the pandemic – in fact, thriving to the point where you have opened up more stores?

We quickly diversified when Covid hit. We applied for our essential services provider certification, we immediately offered free home delivery service and we created a new range of medicines specifically targeting what people were struggling with, such as immune boosters, respiratory aids and lots of organic medication for stress and anxiety.

What else do you have planned for 2021?
Recently we added a body scanning device to our list of offerings which scans the entire system and gives us a complete picture as to exactly what is going on with the person’s health, right down to the last nutrient deficiency. It even completes an emotional matrix and can gives us a picture of the emotional state of mind. This means no more guessing or expensive, inconclusive results, but we can diagnose with accuracy. We have also added a rife machine which as with the body scan, uses quantum healing to eradicate the body of any disease or unhealthy cells. Together with our products and energy healing, there is absolutely no disease or illness, at any stage which we cannot treat. This is how our forefathers treated us and this is our treatment of the future. Then, once the person is healthy again and feeling better, we have the ability to assist with the natural aesthetics side, so that their outer appearance can make their inner health. I have a goal of 10 stores by the end of 2021 and have already started the process of looking into exporting our products.

Do you have any advice for other female entrepreneurs?

  • Find your calling. When you align yourself with that calling, magic starts to happen.
  • Do not be afraid to fail. It is all part of the cycle to success.
  • Create a long term plan and break that down into bite sizes achievable goals, but also allow for deviations in that plan.
  • Keep going, never ever give up on your calling. It is why you are here and when you honour your calling, the heavens conspire to make it happen.
  • Work smart. Alignment is the new hustle.
  • Do not listen to the naysayers. They have been placed on your path to deter you.
  • If your idea or business is not aligned to the greater good of the planet or helping humanity in some way, it is doubtful that it will take off.
  • Find a way to incorporate your business idea into helping humanity by adding a strong social upliftment angle.
  • Always, always give back where you can.

What is an inspirational quote you live by?  

Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want a different experience, you have the power to create it!

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