EF-Active partners with power couple, JP & Sue Duminy for ‘Protecting Our Family’ outdoor campaign

In March 2020, everything changed and with-it innovators the like of entrepreneur Salil Dhingra embraced our new reality and committed to launching innovative solutions to help curb the spread of COVID-19.   Since then, EF-Active, along with its growing range of health and hygiene products, has quite literally touched thousands of South Africans every single day in an incredibly positive and powerful way.

Fast forward a mere sixth months since EF-Active entered the highly competitive FMCG market and today, the product line is available and racked in major retailers, fast building loyalty thanks to its commitment to quality, affordability, and, most importantly, keeping users effectively sanitized and safe.

With EF-Active’s drive to amplify its reach and positive impact on society, the brand is proud to announce a partnership with Jean-Paul (JP) and Sue Duminy, the much-loved and respected celebrity couple who in their way have added extraordinary value to society. JP as a former international cricketer and his wife, Sue, as a passionate influencer, entrepreneur, and mother to their two beautiful children.

As a pair who celebrate and illustrate the power and importance of family across all of their social platforms, JP and Sue’s EF-Active’s endorsement is a fitting one. With shared and respected values, the power duo, along with their two daughters will grace EF-Active’s new outdoor media billboard campaign, under the banner of ‘Protecting Our Family’.

EF-Active has become part of our daily routine and we are delighted to be associated with such a high quality brand,” add JP & Sue Duminy.

From October, across the country, commuters will get to experience the campaign and most excitingly be able to play an active role in sharing the critical messaging that includes encouraging consumers to take precautions and to act responsibly, every single day, during these collectively compromising times.

Global best practice; science meets humanity; EF-Active’s 75% alcohol sanitiser range was developed to assist in averting and reducing our exposure to infection and help protect families, everywhere.  The sustainable, cost conscious and game-changing hygiene products includes a range of uniquely scented sanitizing aerosols that are NRCS approved for hands, surfaces and air; a Mistizer (convenient fogger for small areas) and a moisturizing sanitizing hand cream.

Already acknowledged as a trustworthy brand, confirmed by its impressive market penetration; it’s equally applauded for its willingness and wants to have consumers engage and share EF-Active’s investment in keeping us all safe, not only as lockdown restrictions lift but well into the future.

Look out for the billboards and get involved in sharing the critically important message that protecting the family not only keeps them healthy and happy, but its positive impact will further change our shared reality in a truly constructive way.

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