CRYSTAL PARTNERS – officially launches in South Africa

This year’s Freedom Day, the 27th of April 2021, did not just mark South Africa’s celebration of past progressive triumph towards emancipation, but the day also significantly marked progress in entrepreneurship as Crystal Partners was launched in Johannesburg.

Crystal Partners has been established with the main aim of being the premier partner of choice for global and local companies seeking to establish and expand their footprint on the African continent.

When explaining the company’s name, Dr Keitumetse Mothibeli, CEO of Crystal Partners explains: “In the literal and figurative sense, crystals signify the embodiment of clarity, but also, the formation of crystals speaks to a process of robust refinement to produce beauty and strength in one. That symbolises who we are as a company – we are not afraid to make bold moves in the marketplace.”

The majority female-owned and led investments entity, Crystal Partners, had their signing ceremony at the historic Rand Club, in the prestigious Ballroom Hall. The signing at the Rand Club signifies the progress from the old to the new wealth creation change of guard, but not abandoning South Africa’s entrepreneurship origins, their continued success and thus giving credence to the symbolism of the historic location.

When asked about the significance of this moment, this opportune time, Dr Mothibeli, replied: “As the CEO of Crystal Partners, I understand that this is an opportunity for us to answer a call for devoted, principled, and effective leadership in Africa. Leadership that is focused on strategy, integrity, excellence, and execution. The aim is to provide business leadership that will have a positive social impact on the African continent and the world”.

In the leadership echelon of Crystal Partners, Dr Mothibeli is flanked by Ms Tumediso Lobelo who is an authority in business development and is a digital innovation advocate, as well as Ms Kgomotso Motshidi, who amongst other highlights is a technologist, entrepreneur, and strategist of note.

The sixteen-member team is equipped to tilt the strategic partnership and investment scales on the continent and Crystal Partners’ diversified portfolio spans five major sectors namely: Agriculture, Energy, Technology & Innovation, Health, and Mining. According to Ms Lobelo, the establishment of Crystal Partners “strengthens and redefines the women-owned narrative in high barriers to entry sectors”. In addition to Crystal Partners being majority black female owned it is also important to note the broader team comprises some individuals from other parts of the continent.

Ms Motshidi states that “it is undeniable that Africa is the next frontier in terms of growth and entrepreneurial development – that is why it is timely for Crystal Partners to cement its place in the market”.

Crystal Partners’ Investment philosophy stems from the realisation that growth opportunities exist within the key chosen sectors, while ensuring sustainable transformation by increasing employment, expertise and market opportunities across the African continent. It is also important to note that Crystal Partners not only boasts in their robust investment strategy, but also invests in people impacting communities and entrepreneurship at large. Crystal Partners is the alternative investments arm of Beryl Group – a pan-African investments company.

Part of their mission is to generate new and diversified business in existing market sectors, as well as harness and increase business growth through well-matched partnerships with a focus on business longevity. They are well on their way to bring this to fruition with various discussions with already established partnerships with companies like Dovetail and Ecoan Engineering.

Keep your eyes on these game changers as they are surely building a legacy that will overtake future generations, staying true to their ethos and slogan, ‘BUILDING TOGETHER’.

For more on the team and current updates / insights on their path to success, find them on various online platforms:

LinkedIn: Crystal Partners
Instagram: @CrystalPartners_
Twitter: @CrystalPartners
Facebook: Crystal Partners

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