Saskia Tihana Clements’ Journey

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Saskia Tihana Clements (24) moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and has spent the last six years building her brand in the USA. She is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, producer and a quadruple threat (musician, actress, dancer and writer), and was awarded a scholarship to study film in the US, before focusing on her business and music careers.

Saskia Tihana Clements’ journey began when she attended a prestigious performing arts tour in New York City at the age of 14. Since then has performed at major arenas including the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the Grand West Arena, the Artscape Theatre, the V & A Waterfront Amphitheatre and more.

At 14 years old she was discovered by the head scout of Sun International followed by becoming the youngest Miss Teen South Africa finalist in 2011 and Miss Teen YOU 2012.

Later, Saskia went on to win Miss Summer Heat in 2013 which she then hosted the following year. Her title as Miss Summer Heat included being an ambassador for Mission Rhino – an organization focused on conserving African Wild Life. Something she is still very passionate about and hopes to continue conservation efforts through her brand Afriwellness.

She released her first single when she was 15-years-old under the stage name “Tiana” produced by international DJ Sam World and well-known South African music producer Ameen Harron.

In September of 2015 she released “FaceTime” – produced by Ameen Harron, under the new stage name Saskia Tihana. Her singles have been played on many radio stations all over South Africa and streamed throughout the world. She is currently working on a visual EP through her creative agency.

Saskia is no stranger to the dance world, she has participated in and taken multiple titles in national and international dance competitions.

She has represented South Africa in dance championships in Austria, Denmark and Croatia. In 2018 her team “Basic Black” took first place at the Dance Star World Championship which was held in Poreč, Croatia.

Her acting career started when she was a young girl in Cape Town where she featured in various large on-stage productions such as Peter Pan, Annie, and Othello as well as being part of the South African Arts festival for many years.

At the age of 17 she was awarded a scholarship chose to study film in the US, thus the catalyst that got her to Los Angeles. Adding to her infinite success Saskia has been featured and interviewed on multiple major radio stations, TV shows, magazines and other mediums.

What is it like being a young entrepreneur in Hollywood and running a business in the US?

It’s both exciting and terrifying. Knowing that there is a ton of competition and opportunity in the US really keeps me motivated and on my toes at all times.

Tell us more about “The Boldest” , your creative agency and how you are marketing brands, artists and athletes across the USA?

I truly believe that brands, artists and athletes have a leadership role in society and that they should be using their platforms to be authentic and make a difference in the lives of others. I manage a team of creatives that are committed to the creation of innovative brands, products, music and films that align with my vision to better the planet and it’s people. 

We spend our time equipping brands, artists and athletes with purpose driven content. Not only do we produce content but we connect brands with our artists and athletes. I work very closely with our artists and athletes on self-development, making sure that they have the tools they need to carry out their own personal visions and goals. I believe that true authenticity markets itself.

How will you be extending those services to SA in the future?

I am very inspired by the natural work ethic and culture young South Africans possess. I hope that in the future I will be able to help South African brands, artists and athletes build their brand and hopefully equip them enough to make a global impact and share the beauty of our country with the rest of the planet.

Afriwellness aims to provide simple and effective solutions to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle using products sourced from Africa which includes Rooibos tea. How well are people taking to your products thus far?

It’s both fascinating and amazing to see how receptive the market has been towards Rooibos Tea. Growing up in Cape Town Rooibos has always been a household favourite in my family. I can’t imagine life without it. The thought of introducing a new market to such a wonderful product that is full of health benefits and has already brought joy to so many millions really excites me.

You are currently in the studio working on your debut EP, set to release later this year. What is it all about?

My Ep is a story of overcoming obstacles as a woman. It highlights the journey of becoming well seasoned and finding a sense of strength through the challenges. I explore the theme of self-discovery, revival and empowerment.

This EP is a combination of trap and house music with a jazz influence. I am working with producers in LA that I believe capture the essence and sound of what I’m trying to achieve perfectly. I have collaborated with Calimossa, a very talented up and coming music producer and artist.

I grew up with a Dad who would play jazz music from dusk till dawn. Classical instruments have always been part of my childhood. As a sister of two phenomenal pianists and being one myself, there would constantly be the sound of one of us banging on keys and singing in the background. Electronic music is incredible and it has blown up over the last 20 years, I fear that the trajectory of these classical sounds will continue to be replaced with computer generated sounds. I would love for my EP to appeal to those that enjoy trap and house music while exploring the beauty of jazz.

What was your inspiration behind your EP?

In photography there is a dark room where photos are developed, if light enters this room prematurely the image becomes over exposed and the picture becomes diminished. I think of my life when thinking of this metaphor. For six years I was in the dark room being developed, and now that the vision and image of my life is so clear to me and I know who I am and what I want, I finally have the confidence to open the door and step out. 

My EP is about my journey in that dark room and specifically the last few stages of being there. I have been inspired by my own journey and the obstacles I’ve faced.

Could you share some of the lessons learnt in business as a young entrepreneur?

I think part of starting any ambitious endeavour is being brave and confident enough to take the necessary risks, even though it may be scary at first, it definitely pays off when you see the results of your hard work. Exercising patience can be very challenging if you are a highly motivated individual with a type A personality. One of the key lessons I’ve learnt is submitting to the process of creation. Successful business ventures are those that are well planned and organised.

How does Saskia Tihana maintain a balance in life, while being involved in various projects at the same time?

Time is the most valuable commodity in life. It’s important that we are intentional with our time and organise it in such a way that we are able to maintain all areas of our lives – that being our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I make sure to take time out of my week to focus on the simple things that bring me joy such as exercising, planning my meals, taking my dog for a walk, face-timing my family, church, mediating, listening to music, going out with my friends etc.

How are you focusing to inspire and influence others to reach their full potential?

My dream is that my artistry will be meaningful, impactful and cathartic. Whether it be in person or through my work as an entrepreneur and artist I hope to plant a seed of hope in the lives of others. My vision is that I will encourage them to gain perspective and to start seeing themselves and the world in a positive light. I hope to motivate them to push their limits because everyone is capable of way more than they think they are.

Do you have any inspirational words to share with the youth in South Africa who would like to follow in your very own footsteps?

Be patient and kind to yourself, you are precious cargo. The only person who can strengthen you and turn you into the leader you’ve been called to is none other than your own self. So dig deep and submit to the process of doing the self work. Only once your internal world is secure can you truly be impactful externally. You have all the answers within yourself to become something great, it’s about being healthy enough to seek them out.

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